Hi everyone! Welcome to the newest addition to the Forums, Local Adoption Connections.
Please take a minute to tell us a little about yourself. Are you married? Do you have Children, if so, what are their ages? Share with us some of your favorite things about living in this area. Whats your favorite restaurant? Do you belong to any Adoption Support Groups in your area? Help us all get to know you better and start making local friends with like interests!
Hi Crick -
Well, it looks as if I will start!! My name is Debbie and my DH and I are the parents of 2 completely beautiful boys! Zach (19 months) and Josh (almost 9 months). Zach and Josh are bio brothers. Zach came home a year ago Jan, and Josh came home last Oct. We are crazy busy and crazy happy! We live in St. Michael. I love the forum, and even though we are not in process right now, I can't stay away! :)
I would love to connect with other moms in our area (Twin Cities)!
Thanks for creating a local section of the forum - I think it will be great!