How many kids are you allowed??- foster/adopt
I was just wondering about something. OUr state allows foster/adopt homes no more than 8 kids/ home.
I'm wondering how come there are so many families who have large numbers of children in the home? I would love to have a large family, but seems our adoption laws limit the number. If we get the two foster/adopt kids we're waiting for, then we'd have to wait until our oldest moves out to adopt again.:mad:
so those of you who have added to your large families through adoption - how did you do it? Do they make exceptions in some cases?
Our state only allows 5 children in the home at a time unless they get special approal. I too was wondering how I can hear about all these stories of a family adopting 22 children and things like that. I know in most cases those parents accept lots of special needs children and maybe that is why they get the approval because they are in high demand. Or maybe they come from states where there is no limit to the number of kids, I don't know?

Maybe you can ask for special permission? I'm sure they would do it if say you are taking a large sibling group since those to are hard to palce and they like to keep them altogether.
only 5?? So the total number kids you can have is 5,or the total of adopted/foster kids?
I guess I should be grateful our state allows 8.
You'd think with severely disabled kids the number would be LESS - just because they need so much attention and care. Just like when I did day care - the more younger children you had, the less you could have. Like under age 2- the limit was 2 per caregiver.

There is a federal law that overrides all state laws on this if any of the kids are sibs they are counted as a unit of 1.Except in the circumstances of children under age 2, where there are more rules.
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THanks Shelly for your input!
I am in Central WI( southern portion) , too!!
OOO I need more info on this federal thing! Anyone????
Would like to know more about this federal law.
We have 2 Biological daughters and have a date in a few days:banana: :banana: to finalize the adoption of a sib group of 5. Our state has the law of 8 kids. There is a sib group of 2 that we would love to add to our family but that would put us at 9.
finally final
Hey I'm new (well new to posting-not to reading!) I'm dreaming of a VERY large family in the future Smile!!
That federal law about sibling groups is really interesting, thanks. Does it apply only to the children to be adopted, or to the kids already in the home? I.E. if you have say 8 kids in the home, but they were adopted as 4 sibling groups of 2, does that count as 4 children? Or is it just that any new sibling groups count as "1 child" in that respect?
In Kansas, foster homes can be licensed for 4 kids to have a total of 6 children in the home (up to 4 foster and 2 legal children). Legal children over the age of 16yrs do not count as a "child". If you don't have any legal children then you could get a waiver to have up to 6 foster children.

I've never heard of a limit on the number of children if you are adopting. We've had families with 13+ children through birth and adoption. Many larger families find it difficult to be selected as a pre-adoptive placement for additional children to be adopted out of foster care.
You can always go international
We have 6 children (ages 7, 7, 4, 4, 3, 3). We adopted 2 from Cambodia, 2 from Haiti, 1 domestically (originally adopted from Haiti, then disrupted) and 1 homemade. There are a few countries out there with family size limits and lots of kids that need homes.

I've six adopted kids, and my State (WI) has the limit of eight kids per family, BUT they allowed me to take in a sibling group of THREE, so I have nine right now... there is a one year old sibling I"m trying to get as well, but they're not being swayed so easily and it's doubtful I'll be able to get placement of him... but it's worth a try!

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How do you find out what your state allows? I live in NM.
Check your state website for children in family services. Example Illinois is DCFS, every state calls it something different but it should be in there licensing standards, or if you don't want to try and read all that fun stuff get their 800 number call and ask.

In Illinois you can have six children total if you foster. There are exceptions and you can get waivers for large sibling groups. They also count specialized kids as two. Those kids have medical or behavioral/emotional issues.
Anyone know the limit in Kentucky.:laundry:
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