My sister has me all freaked out that John will need surgery on his lower eyelids as they are partially creased, and you can't see his eyelashes. She claims the eyelashes will get ingrown and infected. (Thanks sis!)
I'm attaching a picture of John so you see what I'm talking about.
Do any of your children have this type of eyelid? Have you experienced any problems? Is this something he will outgrow? Most importantly, am I worrying about this for nothing?
My sons bottom eyelids were the same way when he came home. The Dr. told us that there was nothing to worry about. And now he is 3 - no problems.......... Actually, his bottom eyelids have dropped down some now...
Well, I can tell you that our daughters were the same. The bottom eyelashes would stick to her eyeball. I thought it would drive her nuts, but didn't seem to bother her. She also had goopy eyes from a blocked tear duct. When we got her home to the states, our doctor said to wait a year or so to see what happens before doing anything. Sure enough, by about 15 months everything looked normal. Her eyelashes were no longer stuck to her eye and looked normal and her tear duct actually cleared itself up.
So, at least you know that there is a chance that no surgury will be needed. I thought for sure something would need to be done with my daughter, and we ended up not having to do anything!
Hope that helps! :flowergift:
Nah, he should be fine. My bio daughter (now 4) had this when she was a baby. The pediatrician had me keep an eye (lol-pun not intended) on her to make sure there were no issues. Ocassionally she would get goopy eye and the ped had us put warm wash clothes on her eyes to make sure her tear duct didn't get gooped over (Gooped - is that a word?) If the tear duct got gooped, her eye did have mild swelling from the tears building up. The warm compress cleared it right up. By the time she was 12 months old, her eyes were "normal" and we had no more issues. I wouldn't sweat it! <3
Sorry I don't have any information for you. I just wanted to write to say how cute he is.
Thank you pjk720!
Thanks also to everyone else, I'll find something else to obsess about now :p
I agree - what a cutie!!!
Also I think this would be more of a problem if it were his top eyelid. My friend that has adopted 2 Chinese girls did have to have one of them have surgery, but her top eyelid was basically rolling under and lashes were rubbing on her little eye. She is all better now and very cute!