:love: I have decided that we should do this monthly because I am a stay at home in desperate need of lunch dates with adults. That said. I think we should have this every month and if you can come, come, and if you can't come, then maybe you can the next month. So here we go again. I just adore getting together and seeing everyone and we have some more babies that will be joining us soon!!! Pretty soon we will need that whole side of the room!!! I am looking forward to WARM weather so we can plan a picnic or zoo trip!
MARCH 24th and NOON (changed so more people can come)..same place since we all familiar with it and I will call and set it all up again. No big deal...who seconds our server from last time? Her name was Ciera and I thought she did great! Should we request her? Anyone object?
And for this months exchange........how about an Easter Treat Bag...fill it with some of your favorite spring things...candy, candle, whatever...do NOT spend over $10.
I will make it and I will bring my little girl that I'm in the process of adopting her in the states. I do have a huge event that evening but I really enjoyed our last lunch. See you then :-)
I have an event I am helping to host that morning...but I'll try to come, especially if there is an after party at the mall :banana:
Joseph and I will try to make it. Might be late since I work Saturday mornings. I have never been to the mall so it might really be fun. Need to check with DH to make sure he has nothing planned.
Come on...I know there are more of you...but I haven't seen some of you online lately....busy with the BABIES!
I can't really do Saturday, I'd have to bring 7 kids 11 and under!! I am sure they would love it, but it loses something for me....that getting out with adults thing!! Let me know if you ever have a weekday again. Janna & I had fun!
Hopefully Debbie and I can make it and we can bring baby girl? I'll have to mention it to Debbie and let you know!
Hello, I assume this is still on, and I'm planning to join you guys.
One question on the gifty thing. Is it supposed to be adult stuff or baby stuff or candy stuff??? I'm a little dumb about these things.
Thanks, and see you there.
Yes, it is still on! Not a dumb question at all. We always do adult exchanges. I did it thins way for various reason...one is because all the babies are different ages, some are not babies at all. And secondly because the babies always get the loot! TEE HEE.
Hey Mindy,
Due to the death of a family friend I will be tied up in all of that this weekend. Toby and me will catch you guys next month.