My birth name was Elizabeth Diamond and I was born at Hillcrest Salvation Army hospital in North Fremantle Western Australia on the 22/10/1968.
My mothers birth name is Rose Geraldine Diamond and my Birth fathers is Leslie George Tutton.
I would love any information of these people or anything to do with siblings I know that he had four children and she had one.:love:
I too was born at Hillcrest Salvation Army Hospital North Fremantle but on the 2nd September 1968.
I found my birth mother through Jigsaw. I found them to be a great help and a great support.
They found my birth mother 16 years ago. Unfortunately we have never met. But do write letters a couple of times a year.
She did tell me who my birth father was and we talk all the time and visit and have a close relationship.
I hope I am able to help you in some way. I wish you all the best in your search.
I was just wondering if your information on your fathers kids is accurate. And if your birth mum was in WA when she fell pregnant? My grandfather is Leslie George Tutton.
If you would love to talk more please email