Kids with high pain tolerance
Do any of your kids have a really high tolerance of pain? Abby doesn't cry. She can fall and skin her knees on the pavement or bump her head it doesn't matter and she usually doesn't cry.

Today, she was playing and had opened the door and it pulled her toe nail back halfway back and it was bleeding. The only way I knew it was when I saw her toe bleeding. I am talking about way in the quick and her toe nail is ripped up the middle. She never cried, but it made my stomach turn inside out. It looks so painful?.

I was wondering if any of your kids are like this? And why?

I don't want her to cry about everything, but if something hurts I wish she would let me know.

I agree with you that this seems a bit off. Especially the toe nail incident. I'm not a professional but I would recommend talking to one. There is something called Sensory Disorder that comes to mind. You could google it to find out more.

Good luck
I have heard of this from a family that adopted a Chinese toddler. They noticed that she didn't cry much, but they really got concerned when she got her finger pinched in a door and didn't make a peep - just stood there looking and hoping someone would get her finger out. Their theory was that in the orphanage where she had lived, crying didn't get the children any attention, so they learned not to cry. Their daughter had to basically learn to cry when she was sad or in pain. She did learn it and they are "happy" to report that she cries plenty now!

Good luck!
Not exactly the same thing, but almost
My Gia will fall and hurt herself and only cry for a couple of seconds and I will think it is no big deal. But then a huge knot will form or the blood will start gushing and she is no longer crying and I see that it is a little more serious than she lets on. I actually brought this up to our pediatrician who said that she probably has a high tolerance for pain(I do, too). She said that she would only be worried if Gia didn't cry at all.

Man, I almost cried while reading the toenail story. That had to hurt.
my daughter has a high tolerance too. she will hit her head on a table when she stands up and it makes me flinch.... don't know how she would react to a toe nail- I am betting she would cry about that though.
My son has a high pain tolerance and never cries. He's being treated for this, with attachment and bonding therapy and sensory integration therapy.

Children with high pain tolerance could have been severely neglected, and not touched much as infants. I'm not saying this is the case, but it was with our son. He was in an orphanage for nearly two years, from the age of 5 months to 2 and a half years old. I'm told the reason that he does not cry is because, when he did.... no one came, no one comforted, so he learned not to ask for comfort.
Not sure if this is the case, but my second oldest is very much like this (although I have to wonder if the toe thing would have gotten her). She did not cry even when sick as a little girl. Because of it she's almost landed in the hospital several times. Things would be very, very bad before we'd know anything was wrong.

Once when she was 6, we were on vacation in the Black Hills. She wasn't acting quite herself, but not really anything we could put a finger on. The day before we had to leave, we were driving up and down the hills and she started to cry that her ears hurt. Not a lot, but just some.

We brought her to the urgent care clinic (didn't know what else to do) and wow, did I get my backside chewed! She had such bad ear infections that she had nearly burst both eardrums! The doctor there was giving her 4 hours to improve or he was going to admit her for IV antibiotics!! :eek: He was yelling at me about how badly her ears were infected and why couldn't I see it, on and on...and I sat there feeling SO dumb. I tried explaining about her high pain tolerance and it just sounded lame.

So...moral of the story...yes, some kids ARE born with a high pain tolerance (my mom, younger sister, and two nieces also have this). But just to be safe, I would discuss it with someone.

It's definitly scary when they're little because they often really hurt themselves before you even know anything is wrong. Now that she's 13, I tell her the good thing is having a baby will probably be a breeze for her. Wink So there's good even in this.
My son was like that..but Ana cries with every tiny little thing that isn't even bleeding etc..
Well Abby will cry if someone hurts her feelings, or if she is mad. If she is sick she will cry. Like with an ear infection or something.

I do know that she was in a private foster home. Her foster mother seemed to love her very much. I don''t know. Maybe I will talk to her ped. about this

I'll add this. My 19 year old Biological daughter has always had a high tolerance for pain. During her soccer and basketball years, she would be in pain from injury but would say zero. She would play on broken bones before saying something. When she was a preschool, she broke her little finger and didn't comment on it all day. When I picked her up, I noticed it was sticking out side ways and asked if it hurt. She said yes and then discovered it was broken. I onced asked her why she never speaks up and she told me she didn't want to stop what she was doing or miss out on the playing. Go figure....
I would discuss it with my physician for sure. The toe nail injury should have been really, really painful and I think I would have cried if it were me! I would have her evaluated, perhaps by a neurologist -- just to make sure she is feeling pain normally. I only say this because it could be dangerous in the future if she was not feeling pain -- such as if she placed her hand in a flame or on the stove and did not feel it...
My Biological daughter, who is now 4, has an extremely high pain threshold. She has had numerous severe ear infections over the past couple of years. The only way we have figured it out was that she kept saying "what?" all the time and asking me to turn up the TV or radio. When we asked her if her ears hurt, she always said no. She can fall down and get huge bruises all over and you won't hear a peep out of her. She'll just keep going and playing. Part of the reason why I think she doesn't respond, is that whenever we saw her "get hurt", we didn't respond to it. (Obviously, if she really got hurt, we would, but we would try not to let her see us react too much). The one thing I do notice, however, is that if she is over-tired, she will cry much easier.
I agree with the other posters to mention it to your pediatrician just to be on the safe side.
I would talk to your ped...some kids do have high tolerance levels, but it also could be a sensory problem like the other ladies mentioned. There is also a disorder (can't remember the name) where you can't feel any pain (although it is extremely rare) but I would cover all the bases.

Best of luck!!!
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