Off Topic-What are Points?
I am probably putting this email in the wrong place....but what are the points on the ride side of the screen? What does that mean? Some people have more points than others. How do you get these points and what are they for?

Totally confused..
Points are just for fun.
You get points everytime you post, more if you start a topic. You also get points for some other things, polls and such. I can't remember what all there is to get points for. There are several things you can do with them, though some things are only available for premium members (people who pay a small fee, there are no advertisements and the games are all available and such for premium members) I don't know all the things you can do with points, but here are a few that I know of.
1. Gifts: if you look on the line with my name, you will notice there are little pictures, several of them. Each one if you run your cursor over it will have a little message. These were given to me by on-line friends. I have given a few as well, you go to the link at the top of the screen that says gifts, then you can spend your points to send a little gift to someone else on the forum. They have several to choose from and you send a little message with it.
2. Ribbons, I also have some ribbons by my name, several have meanings that are common, like the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness and yellow ribbons for soldiers. Some colors have several meanings and you can put your own message with it. These you usually buy for yourself with points.
3. Bank: This is fun, you can put some of your points in the bank and then every so often the bank pays interest and so you get more points. Whenever I have time to think about it, I just try to put all my points in there and then the next time I want to buy gifts or something I take out what I need. Anyway, it's kind of fun to play around with. Maybe other people know more.
Thanks for the explanation momraine, I always wondered about how it works. If I only had time to play Wink.
love that quote and so true
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