Aloha.....Am I the only one here?? I live in Hawaii and am looking to adopt locally/domestic, I'm also working with an agency with an office here and in CA. I'm looking to adopt a AA or BR baby, we're an AA couple. We have just started the process and have an information session today at our home with a social worker, looking forward to getting this process started but kinda overwhelmed with the costs involved. Would LOVE to 'chat'' with someone, please share your experiences or tips you would like to share.
Welcome Sue,
Celine and I have been chatting privately. Guess we should all start our own thread as it seems others are finding us now. My husband and I were at the National Adoption day it was great. Congratulations on your adoption. would love to hear all about your experience.
Thanks for the reply. Wonderful that you were at the National Adoption Day. Wasn't it fun?
I am sorry I don't know enough about these message boards to say whether we need a new thread or how to do it. Nor do I know how to message privately.
Are you chatting with the Celine with adopted twins? It would be too much of a small world if you are.
Aloha Sue! I'm the Celina that Renee was referring to, but I have not adopted twins. My husband and I just experienced a failed adoption (domestic infant adoption-but we are trying to stay local), which happened on National Adoption Day. Anyways, we are now currently waiting to hear from our agency about a new local situation.
Have you learned how to send private messages yet? Just click on our names and a menu should scroll down giving you that option.
Hi ladies,
Celine sorry to hear about what happened. Keep the faith, I believe more than ever that there is someone special out there just waiting for you.
Application is going well, just got our family pictures back and have just a couple of things left to do on the big list....
Spoke with agency and they are planning to have the classes in late Jan. That just leaves the home study sometime in Jan. We hope to be fully qualified by early to mid Feb.
We are going to the Holiday party on the 22nd to help out. Are you folks going?
Sue, how long after you qualified did it take to find a child?
Celine, I am sorry too. Hang in there.
Renee, I think our case was unusual. We had our homestudy on Monday and got called on Tuesday. We still hadn't finished a few things in our application and had to hustle before going to pick our daughter up. We didn't get to meet her before hand because she was with a military family in NC. But, you don't get to meet your birth children until they're yours, either. It has all worked out very well.
I am getting confused, are you looking to adopt an older child?
Renee--Glad to hear that things are moving along for you. We're hoping to hear soon if we're picked for a local baby girl due in just a few weeks; if we're not picked, I may volunteer at FFP's Holiday Party.
Sue--Wow! Things really went fast for you!!! How are things settling in?
Sue--I just realized you've already adopted...are you and your family going to the Holiday Party as guests? It's really a fun event for foster/former foster children and their families.
Hi Celina,
We don't live on Oahu and aren't generally included in events. We do try to join in on our agent's events when we can.
Renee-yes, very fast delivery...done without an epidural....= ) Our dauther is mildly RAD and is settling in as best she can so far. She's very sweet and motivated but she just hasn't accepted that we provide everything she needs.
Sue--Sorry, I didn't know that you're not on Oahu. Do you mind me asking what island you're on? I'm glad to hear that your dtr is settling in and I hope that things get better. How excited you folks must be to spend your 1st Christmas together!
its great that all u guys doing such a humane work.....
what is the procedure to adopt an child ??
2-3 centuries later . the world will look upon you..!!!!:rockband: :rockband:
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Hello ladies! I am kind of new to this and really don't know where to begin. I am currently living in Houston and trying to relocate to the Big Island. My husband and I have been trying for over 6 yrs to get pregnant on our own with no luck. I've finally given up hope on that and wanting to adopt before I'm to old to chase the little ones around. I am part Hawaiian and would like to adopt a Hawaiian blood baby. Can anyone out there refer me a good agency? Iwas thinking about getting the paperwork out of the way and once we are settle in Hawaii pick back up and continue the process. How long does the paperwork take? Is it true the entire process can take years? What about the cost? Please any advise you can give me would be a blessing.
Congrats to those who have been matched!
Hello, you live in Hawaii and your working with an agency in Cali for adoption? I live in Houston and I'm wanting to adopt a Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander baby and being its Houston there is nothing here. I've expanded my search for an agency that will work with us to Cali and Las Vegas. Can you tell me the name of the agency your working with? Did everything work out the way you expected?
april2580 we adopted several years ago through Hope Inc in Hawaii. great org to work with.......[url=]HOPE INC Hawaii[/url]
is there web site with phone number and other contact infor. We did the foster to adopt program and just loved it, make sure you tell them you want free to adopt children only....Renee
the process does vary but we were very lucky; we started in Jan matched up by May, began fostering in Aug and adopted in Dec. We have been told it was the fastest turn around anyone has ever seen. Hope Inc. specializes in special needs and older children.....Renee
ReneeD, I've been speaking with Deeanna with Hope INC. she said there are a few mothers who insist their child be adopted from the Mainland. Once I complete my home study she will then interview us to see if we qualify. I was also told there is no fee and that the estimated expenses for them might be $1600 - $2000. The free to adopt thing you mentioned I didn't know anything about that. Is there anything else I should know or tell them?