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[FONT=Arial]If you are interested in registering for a reunion with a child placed for adoption/birthparent, it is necessary for you to contact the Louisiana Adoption Registry at 1.800.259.2456 and request a Voluntary Registry packet which will provide all the information necessary for registration. The Louisiana Adoption Registry is a registry established by the Department of Social Services to serve adult adoptees over the age of 18, birth parents of adopted adults, and siblings of children placed for adoption. If both the adoptee and one birth parent register, such a "match" may result in a reunion. [/FONT]
The problem with the registry is those of us with birth mother from out of state who had us in New Orleans have no clue about the registry. On the Senate floor the other day, certain senators that voted no are convinced the registry works fine. It doesn't work fine at all. My birth mother was from Oklahoma and none of them knew of the Louisiana registry in which I was registered and the studies show too many babies born in agencies are born from out of state mothers.
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