Singles and Elderly Adoptive Parents
I emailed the US Embassy and asked about the [URL=""]adoption law changing[/URL].

Here is their reply.

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Although, the Ukrainian Parliament has already passed the bill instituting restrictions on international adoptions, this bill has to be signed by the President of Ukraine to become law. It is presently not known when the President of Ukraine will sign this bill. Dossiers from single and elderly foreign citizens are still being accepted by the SDA. The bill will become law, and come into full effect as soon as the President signs it, and it is published in the official newspaper of the Ukrainian Parliament. It is our understanding, that when the law comes into effect, it will have immediate impact on the target group of adoptive parents, and their adoption process will be stopped/ effected regardless of its stage.

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What are the age restrictions right now? Sorry new to this section!
Ukraine doesn't have any age restrictions now. Ukrainian President Yushchenko [URL=""]vetoed[/URL] [URL=""]bill 2562[/URL].

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