I'm new here and just need some answers to a few quick questions. My DH and I are thinking about adopting from the U.S. Is this terribly expensive? We live in Sask. and are not sure where to begin. What might be the average wait time? Is it longer than in Canada? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Gosh, I talked to a fantastic lady from Estevan when we started looking into international adoption from the U.S. ..
If you look on the canadian adoption website, i believe i found her number on a list of "supports"
I'll poke around later - if i find it, I'll pm you with the info.
I'm curious about this myself, since I'm in SK, and was recently told by the Saskatchewan foster support system that we should "consider private adoption as the goal of foster care is not to put children in adoptive homes"....
It seems like Saskatchewan is private adoption, or foster care, not too many cases of people actually adopting *from* foster care though, and other provinces (so far) seem reluctant to even consider placing their waiting kids in SK.
Nevermind how many statistics you see about X number of children waiting for homes all the time....
I'm a few years late to this party, but is anyone still looking for help? We are going through an adoption from U.S. foster care and live in Alberta.
Any info would be greatly appreciated! We're on a wait list to start our adoption in Sask and I'm interested in seeing how much it would cost to adopt internationally and what wait times are like.
You could only Adopt Privately.
Privately, there are more Adoptive Families . Than there are Babies and Children...
You would probably have the same amount of wait as in Canada with time!!!