I don't know if this is where this goes or not, but I thought I would post it.
I am writing letters to my baby already - in a journal to give to him/her later in life.
Dear Child of Mine,
I am lying here at 3am thinking of you. I should be sleeping, but can't
I don't know anything about you yet. I don't know if you are a boy or a girl. It makes no difference to me though. I just want you. I lay here wondeing what you will be like, what you will sound like, what your personality will be,
Will you be red headed and blue eyed like me or blonde with brown eyes. Either way, I know you are going to be beautiful because God made you. In His eyes, and soon to be mine, you are perfect.
Your life is a bit different though. You have two mommies. One who carried you in her tummy for nine months and one who carried you in her heart for 6 years. Every night of these six years I have prayed for you. Asked God to keep you in His Arms and hold you till I can see you.
You are a very blessed child to have two mommies. Most kids only have one. And the beautiful part about this is I got to choose you. Most kids are just stik with the parents they have. :)
I got to look all over Heaven one day and God let me pick any child, and I chose you. And I have asked God nightly and daily for the moment to come when I can finally see you face to face. My heart longs for that moment just about as much as I long to see my Savior's face.
Who are you Little One? Do you like sports or music? Will you be a writer or a doctor or a great statesman? Will you be laughing all the time or making others laugh or will you be serious and pensive, contemplating the deep things of life.
All I know is that I want you to live to the fullest potential you have. BE all that God created you to be. And my greatest desire for you is that you will surpass me in knowledge and desire for the Presence of the Lord. For me as a mother, I will have done my job if you serve the Lord with passion and fervor.
I make a promise to God this night, and to you, that I will lead you and guide you and train you in the Word of God. I will train and release you into your calling when that day comes.
You will be His ambassador, whether in the work place as a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a statesman or in the ministry as a pastor, prophet, apostle, evangelist, or a teacher of the Word. You will speak the Word of God and see it come to pass in your life.
Just as I have chosen you. God has chosen you too. First to give you to a single mom, so that only He would be your Father. Some kids have a dad, but you willhave the Daddy of Daddies, God Almighty as your Father. Isn't that the coolest thing??
I love you so much already, even though I don't know where you are or even if you are conceived yet. My love grows deeper for you each day. Please come home to me soon, Precious One. I love you.
Love you Baby,
Momma Joy
Such a sweet letter, something your child will cherish forever. Your little one is going to be as blessed to have you as a mom as you are going to be to have them in your life!
God Bless,
I started a journal for my first child before I knew if we would adopt or not. I still add to it now, talking about him and his life.
KW your letter and your life speak volumes of your heart, may the Lord bless you and give you the passion of your pursuit. May He see the desires of your heart and bring it to fruition.
God's :phone: number: Jer. 33:3 'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.'
Thank you all.
I just took a step of faith and emailed all my friends and sent a myspace bulletin with this, asking them to help me find a prospective birth mother.
I created a new myspace to send people to for contacts. I read for my state that advertising is illegal except through letters, face to face, and verbal contact (so I guess that leaves out newspaper adds and the like)
I am thinking of doing the t-shirt and the buttons ideas (I think I got it off one of the blogs here under networking).
Thanks so much for your prayers and support.