Since it's summer, I thought I'd post about this.
We just got back from a great time in the Outer Banks of NC. We drove there (2 days from IN), and it was fantastic!
M did really well in the car--hardly used the DVD player at all. Mostly she wanted to sing and to be read to (that's my girl). She slept a lot, and when we stopped, we tried to let her run around a bit to stretch her legs.
While we were there, she had a ball in the pool, she had fun chasing crabs on the shore, and loved all the time with the extended family (16 in a beach house!)
The biggest challenge was sleeping, because, well, she didn't want to miss anything. We resorted to having her fall asleep in the stroller or in the car just about every day for nap and for bedtime. Desperate times call for desperate measures!!!
So where did YOU go? HOW did it go??
We went to San Antonio and took the kids to Sea World, Splash Town, the River Walk, Alamo, a baseball game, and more.
We had a blast and my 2 year old keep saying he wants to go back to Sea World and feed the Dolphins again!
Oh, I am so glad to hear that Megan did well in OBX. We love it there and are thinking of making the trip w/friends next year!
Anyone done Disney yet? My in laws want to start a family vacation tradition next year and we were thinking of that as a start.
My brother and fam did Disney for the first time this year--his kids are 4 and 3--they did great!! They were old enough to really know who the characters are (my neice is a princess-a-holic), and they still talk about it, six months later!!
We absolutely loved the OBX, and are thinking vacations there will just get better--as Meg is old enough to really want to go on boat rides, fish, etc!
Sea World is definitely on our list of places to get to in the near future!
We just got back from disneyland on the 3rd of July. Our kids are 11, 11 and 7. The oldest, our bio son, had been there twice already (first at 3 1/2) but this was a first for the other two. Our kids had a blast, and so did we. We were a bit nervous because we never know how our kids are going to react to any given situation. But even the youngest, who has anxiety disorder loved everything there. In fact his favorite ride was California Screaming, a roller coaster with a full loop de loop!
I think every family needs to take their kids to Disneyland (or Disneyworld) every few years. The kids got to see a funner side of Mom and Dad, and the memories are priceless.
I am going to Elk Lake. My son's parents co-own a set of cotteges up there and for the past 12 years my family and my extended family (it averages about 20 a year) vacation with my son's family. The first few years were nerve racking for me... It was like vacationing with your family and the in-laws, but now it feels like we are one big happy family. In fact, last year I ended up not going. I had started a new job. This year I can hardly wait. I have not had a vacation in over a year.
That sounds awesome! I like the vacationing with others you don't see all the time--you can visit so much more over the course of a week, and it's great that everyone likes the set up!! Enjoy!!
We just got back from the Outer Banks this past Sunday. My family has been going there every summer for the last 10 years. We love it!!!!!!!!! So relaxing!!!
This was my DD's first trip to OBX (not that she'll remember, she's only 7 months). It was sooooo exciting for hubby and I to see her put her feet in the sand and in the ocean for the very first time in her life! She loved the water!!! The cameras were going off the entire trip!!!
We drove the 8 hour trip from NJ...going she slept almost the whole way as we left home about 2:30 a.m., coming home she got pretty ancy a few times wanting to get out of that carseat! All in all she did great!!!
We're not planning a big trip until DD is one next March. Then we're headed to Tennessee so she can meet my aunt who can't travel. It'll be a big family vacation with my parents, brothers and a couple of close family friends. As DD is already VERY insistant about when she wants out of her car seat we're a little nervous about the drive, but hopefully by then it won't be such a big deal.
We have gone on two day trips that were a blast. One to the zoo in Toledo, Ohio and the other to the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI. DD slept through Holland but the monkeys were entertaining enough to wake her up at the zoo. It was hilarious. She went from being a little scared to laughing at them within about a minute.
We plan on doing Disney World when she's about three.