Looking for birthparents. I was born in Dunoon, Scotland.
I have decided to begin the search for my birth parents, but I don't know where to begin or what to do.

I was born in Dunoon, Scotland which seems to complicate things as far as searching is concerned.

Can anybody here shed any light on what my first steps toward a possible reunion whould be?
help is always at hand
dunoon is a small place, easy to find people there
try contacting
email ask for a quote for an advert
its a small paper everyone reads for there local gossip.
best of luck
Thanks Mary Doll, that's a great idea. I'll give it a shot.
help is at hand
another idea try looking up bt phone numbers for dunoon if you know your dads surname, if he was born in dunoon usually other family members stay in the same place they were born.

thats how i found an adopted chap,s who lives in london
birth mother for him last month she still lived in dunoon he was born in 1979.
can u let me know do you live in scotland &
do you have your birth certificate, just the year of birth
as i can give you a few addresses of agencies here that can help you search.
the reason i ask the qs is that scottish laws on adoptees rights have changed, for the better i might add.
all the best
Seems as though there are a few us... I too was born in Dunnon... adopted in 1969... By Americans.. my dad was in the US Navy... stationed at the Holy Loch naval base.
hello exmarine. wow, that's really interesting that we both were adopted in similar circumstances. did you ever locate your birth parents if i may ask?
I've never contacted them.. not yet. I did alot of research via the [url=http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/]Genealogy Scottish family birth records census ancestry Scotland uk - ScotlandsPeople[/url] website. I found my original birth certificate there... on it was listed my Biological mother and father. I did some research and found out I had 2 older brothers and a older sister. I also found out that my Father was a American sailor. I think I've tracked him down... I just haven't had the courage to send him a letter yet. I probally should hurry up. Neither of them are getting any younger and are in their 70's now. I also found my Biological mom's maiden name... and I knew that she was born and raised in the area north of Dunoon. I went on Facebook and searched for her last name... I found a few 100 people .. all in Scotland, all in the area she's from. I sent a few messages to them explaining who I was and if any of them knew my biological mother.. I never heard anything back from any of them.. not so much as a "No ... never heard of her."... I have a sneaky suspicion that my email found a few of the right people.
exmarine, go for it and write your natural dad a letter before it's too late, you'll only regret it if you don't.

My son found my family before we reunited and they basically kept up the myth of why he was adopted. My mum even went as far as writing my son telling him to accept I didn't want to be found. This wasn't true and she knew I wanted to be found. When we did eventually reunite he found out the extent of the lies my family told him and that I had in fact been coerced into surrendering.
I'll start writing... I'll let you know what happens.
I was born 1970 in Greenock and adopted, my mother Scottish and my father an American sailor. I have just found my birth mother, which is incredible. She has given me the name of my father and told me he was an american sailor. I would like to find him but have no idea where to start. Any help?
hey exmarine.... just curious about your search. did you ever approach your birth parents?
No.... I cannot locate them.... I have paperwork on them all ... that lead up to the early 1970's. I found a death certificate for the oldest Biological-brother, he passed away a few years ago... plus my Biological-Sister got married in 1986... but that is all the info I can find. I think I may just have to fly back to Scotland and find the correct government beurocrat and look him in the eye and ask him for assistance....
More info
I contacted the editor of the Dunoon Observer. He posted a story in their newspaper, one that is probally like everyone elses here. And I got a hit. A lady by the name of Anne wrote a letter to him and told him about how she use to work in the child welfare office and handled quite a lot of adoption paperwork between 1967 and 1997 when she retired. She also mentioned that:

1). As Scottish adoptees we are all entitled to "Statutory right to counceling under Scottish adoption laws".

2). Even though most voluntary adoption agencies are now defunct, a record of adoption should have been filed with the authority, and a petition should have been filed with the local sherriff.

3). We should contact the local "Social Work Dept" where we were adopted from and also the local Sheriff.

4). During the whole adoption process, there would have been a 3 month welfare supervision period where social workers would have interviewed and observed your biological parents as well as your adoptive parents. Also a curirator would have been appointed to handle paperwork and perform a independent report.

I'm guessing that there is a warehouse somewhere in Dunoon/Glasgow/Edinburogh that has all of our adoption paperwork as well as these written reports. And I"m also guessing that they can be viewed by us.

Ok... TAG!!! YER IT!
Clip from the Dunoon-Observer
The editor sent me a PDF version of the newpaper where the story was written... I can't post attatchments on this forum, but heres a link to the PDF. The article is at the bottom of page 3.

There are a few groups on Facebook you could try , just put in a search for Dunoon like
Dunoon memories
Dunoon Argyll Scotland
Weebay Dunoon

, also you could try facebook groups-
Navy in Holy Loch or
Submarine Refit Site One Holy Loch, Scotland or
Holy Loch Memories Group
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