Just wondering how long you can keep these in the babies crib? We were hoping to have our baby home by October but it doesn't look like that will happen, unless we get through PGN quickly, that would be nice, she will be 6 months old on the 27th of this month and probably 9 months maybe, when we get her? Should we just skip buying the mobile for her crib? Thanks ladies.
Hi - at 9 months I would scrap any ideas of a mobile - it's basically entertainment for babies and if baby is already sitting up by herself and reaching for things the mobile days are probably behind her. I think the general feeling is that it become more of a liability. DS came home at 5 1/2 months and we got a mobile from a friend when he was 8 months and I just gave it away.
We adopted our daughters at birth, but the mobile we had did not fit on our crib. Neither kiddo seemed to notice that they didn't have one. I wouldn't worry about it!
I would not get one- I'm sorry :(. It is sort of a loss to think that you won't be able to use it because she will be older when she comes home. But, she won't miss it and you will buy her many other wonderful things.
Just seconding what JUSTBARBARA said--
We brought Connor home at 6 1/2 mts, and we only kept his mobile in til about 10 months. At that point he was really reaching and pulling himself up and such so it was just too dangerous to keep in there. If you're looking for something to play tunes to help sleep or something, tho, you could opt for a teddy that plays lullabies (or has the heartbeat) or a little "box" shaped player that straps onto the crib rail. Connor had the bear and the box thing that played lullabies and then you could also switch it to peaceful sounds like babbling brook, the ocean, and even rain. it strapped and hung on the outside so he never bothered it.
I bought one for my son and hung it from the ceiling above his crib. Just make sure it is high enough so that when she stands in the crib she can't reach it. You will need to put a hook in the ceiling but I just had to have a mobile to complete the room because my dd's loved theirs so much.
Yet another vote for no mobile. Curtis came home at 8.5 months and was pulling himself up to stand within a week - so any mobile would have gone into the closet right away (fortunately we did not buy one). However, he loves his lullaby box strapped onto his crib to this day - 6 months after coming home. It's a rainforest version - you press the toucan to play - and I assure you all that bird gets lots of pressing each night!! He also likes the glowworm that plays lullabies and lights up, which is nice because we can travel with it to keep overnight trips as normal as possible. Actually, what he really likes is to turn on every musical device he can get his hands on at once ....
Yup, we're skipping the mobile, too. My son had a great one I was looking forward to using again. (sigh.)
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