As you are all aware, we here at Adoption.Com require respectful terms and language in our discussions.
I have noticed an increase lately in the usage of the term Sperm DonorӔ and wanted to let everyone know that this is not a term we allow when used as a way to demean someone.
My childӒs bio dad is a horrible person and is nothing short of a sperm donor!
While I understand that might very well be the feeling towards your specific person, itԒs still a term we do not allow on here because it can demean an entire group of people. Its the same rule we enforce for terms like ғincubator, ԓadopter, ԓvessel etc. when used in an attacking fashion.
If you are speaking of an actual surrogate situation or a true case of sperm donor, then that is okay, but please refrain from using it to express your feelings about someone. There are plenty of other ways to do this without using this term.
Thank you,
Crick Ԗ Adoption.Com Forums Administrator