I love purses too!!! But, I'm good at losing things (lol) so I just carry the diaper bag. I have a small wallet that I got in GC and that's in the front pocket. Until my hubby comes home, I'm never without ds, so no reason to switch back and forth yet.
I pack a baby backpack and usually leave it in the car. I carry a big purse with only a few essentials ( diaper, changing pad, wipes, a toy, snacks and a burp cloth ( that doubles as a bib ).
I also LOVE purses!!! But, I can't carry both - it would drive me nuts.
My diaper bag came with a black "pouch." It's big enough to hold my checkbook, credit/debit cards, pens, personal items ;), etc. I just move it back and forth between the diaper bag and my purse. It works wonderfully!!
I put my wallet in the diaper bag.. I REALLY miss my purses though! A friend and I were out shopping the other day, and I was seriously considering buying the most adorable purse, and then I remembered that it would be years before I'd carry it, so I put it back.. :-( I compensate by having three very cute diaper bags! ;-)
I do both....I feel naked without my purse!!! (Thank God I don't LOOK naked without it....that would be scary for the general population!)
Although, I like Robyn's (Lady Tink) idea of putting the purse IN the diaper bag!
Thanks so much ladies for all the input. I have seen some very cute diaper bags that are more modern than they used to be. I did find one that looks like a purse and has separate compartments for my stuff. I guess I won't be getting that new Kathy Van Zeeland bag I wanted for this fall! LOL