Does anyone know of a black couple that has adopted a white baby?
I personally have never seen it? Is it because of some sort of racial bias that black parents are not good enough to raise white children?
Is it because the fees for white children are pushed so high to make adopting a white child financially unreachable?
Is it that black families do not desire white children?
Is it because black families do not adopt?
I am asking anyone on the board what they know about this?
A really good friend of mine and her husband who are a mixed race couple adopted two mixed race sons(she's Jamaican American and he's Irish) one of her sons is Middle Eastern/CC and looks biracial and the other is 1/4 Latino/CC and looks white.
Another friend of mine is AA and only wants to adopt AA kids.
And still one more friend (AA) is open to race...and is currently fostering a CC boy.
They all adopted through foster care.
Does anyone know of a black couple that has adopted a white baby?
I know a black woman who adopted a chinese baby because she enjoyed the culture and wanted a child to share it with her.
As for why you see more whites adopting blacks than the other way around -there are more black babies available. Black couples wanting to adopt don't have to wait long (or may have no wait at all) for a placement for a black child. If they want to adopt a white baby, they may have to wait years for a match. Since the goal of adoption is to have a child, there is no incentive for black families to adopt outside their race. Why would a black couple who desires a child wait years for a white child when they can adopt a black child within a few weeks or months?
As for black families adopting, in my adoption group when I was going through training to adopt Maire-Kate, I was one of two white families waiting to adopt. The other 7 families were black. So there ARE black families adopting.
I had an "online buddy" who was black and adopted a white boy as an infant (her DH was white; they subsequently adopted a black baby girl). She said she often gets mistaken for the nanny....terrible, but probably because it IS rare (at least where I live, which is a pretty major city) to see a black parent of a white child.
There was a similiar discussion a while back, hope this helps.
We are an interracial couple. I'm CC. DH is black. We have friends, a black couple, who adopted two children. The oldest is a girl that is Hispanic/CC/AA but looks very much CC. At that same time we adopted a baby boy, he is black and darker than my DH so does not look much like me (that's probably a good thing). My friend and I used to kid that her daughter looked more like me and my son looked more like hers but as far as we were concerned, that just made us much more interesting than most families. I think most black families don't adopt white babies because of the wait and why wouldn't they want to share their culture with a child if possible? But if a black family is fostering a white child that becomes available for adoption, I think they SHOULD adopt that child if they are already bonded. Transracial adoption, either way, expands our world and keeps us all focused on the fact that love should be color blind.
I heard a radio interview on yesterday with a family where the aparents are AA and their daughter is CC. They were told by her bmom that the baby would be biracial. They decided to proceed with the adoption after finding out that the baby was CC. The daughter is now 16. Their website is lovingandraisingasia.
Here's an interesting article I just came across: