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For any of the Foster parents who have ever foster cared children in Tippecanoe County...I have a question regarding Judge Loretta Rush. I was told that she doesn't like to keep infants born into Foster care in the system for long. Our FS was given to us practically at birth, but was put in the system right from the hospital. He is now almost 4 months old. His Bio Mom just got sentenced to a minimum of 6 months work release jail time, and the Bio Dad is not to be considered as a placement. The rest of the Bio family does not want the our FS or they have failed because of prior child abuse charges themselves. This is Bio Mom's 4th child now. The other three were all TPR'd and adopted through Foster care. Our FS was born blind and through multiple surgeries can now see with the help of speacial contact lens. later he will have another surgery to have lens implanted in his eyes. We have met all of his medical needs, and made sure he has been too all postop appointments and surgeries. The Bio Mom was invited to all, but never showed up. Our court date is at the end of this month for reveiw. Has anyone ever had their Foster child(ren) Tpr'd through Tippecanoe County? I am just wondering what the Judge is going to do about all of this. Any information would be appreciated. Thank-you
Unless TPR has been initiated previously on this child, this will more than likely be what they are doing at this court date. Then there will be a pretrial date, and if you are lucky(no continuences) the actual TPR trial will take place.
Good luck
In our first case she was the judge. You can go back and read my old posts. I think she goes on more of the CW opion. That county changes CW so often it is hard for me to foster for them.
When we had gotten our kids they had already been CHINS for two years. The four oldest had been in relative placement then RU with mom. Baby had been in foster care and then RU with mom. She had had them back for five months when they came to me. We had them 14 months. In that time we had 4 county CW's every time a new one would start they were fresh out of training and the talk would turn from TPR to RU. It would take them about two months then they would start talking about TPR again. Needless to say ten days before the TPR trial the new caseworker and the casa called me and the 14 year old to come over after we visited the judge to talk. We were going to be the adoptive family. In the meeting with this child she informed me they were sending all the kids back for one more chance, and 14 days later they were gone. I am bitter, so please forgive me. This was our first case. With that all said, we have switched from an agency there to be a county home in our our county. That county seems like barracudas compared to these wimps. I do like being with my county, I hated the long drive there.
I really think it has more to do with the reports that the CW make and sends to her. I do think for the most part she goes along wtih the opion of the CW.