I just found out [FONT="Verdana"]my birth mother was a college student, and came to the New Orleans area from "up north"[/FONT] to give birth, but I don't know if that means New York north, or Shreveport north. I'm not sure what the person meant by "up north". She told her daughter about me, but since she's deceased, we don't know what she meant, only that my mom came from up north, whatever that meant.
[FONT="Verdana"]I WAS born at LaRocca's Hospital in Algiers, across the river from the city of New Orleans, and was probably delivered by Dr. Henry A. LaRocca himself. Oh, yeah, I'm female. :female: Not sure if my mother knew she had a girl, or even that I lived. Many mothers were told their babies died, back then.[/FONT]
One cousin was told by her mother that the family was wealthy, and that's why they didn't want their name tarnished by their daughter's having a baby out of wedlock.
I don't think I was officially adopted, but was just given to my adoptive parents, who may have already been patients of Dr. LaRocca.
:us-louisiana: [FONT="Tahoma"] If anyone was in a maternity home in the New Orleans area in mid-to-late 1949 (I was born in November), do you remember anyone who supposedly had been in college "up north" somewhere? I guess anywhere north of New Orleans should be considered! [/FONT]
[FONT="Verdana"]What maternity homes existed back then, anywhere in the New Orleans, Algiers, or southeastern Louisiana areas?[/FONT]
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
If my birth mother happens to read this, I'm not interested in wealth, but I really want my medical history, and I'd like to know my heritage, on both sides, if possible. I have a medical condition which I'll tell her if she contacts me. Also, I want my children and grandchildren to know their medical background.
If your mother gave up a child in similar circumstances, please contact me. I've always wanted a sibling.
One more thing, if my birth mother or father want to still keep me a secret, I will respect their wishes, but I hope at least one of them will want to meet me at least once. I want to see who I look like. I don't look like anyone in my adoptive family. I hope you understand.
:cheer: Here's a photo of someone who MIGHT be my birth mother. It was taken on Mardi Gras, 1962, in New Orleans.
[FONT="Verdana"][/FONT] Does she look familiar to anyone?
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks again!
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[FONT=Arial]1. Write for the [/FONT][URL=""][FONT=Arial]non-identifying information[/FONT][/URL][FONT=Arial]. (Click to learn more about this)[/FONT]
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P. O. Box 3318
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[FONT=Arial]Note: Protestant Home for Babies triad members must request the Non-ID from the state.
If you are searching for somebody from another agency and the agency is still in operation, try requesting the Non-ID for the adoption from there first. [URL=""]Here[/URL] is some information for some maternity homes in LA, mostly New Orleans.
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[FONT=Arial]It happens and it's heart breaking! A match is made, BUT the e-mail address listed no longer works. The poster hasn't left a name or any kind contact information behind. I see people on asking, would the person looking for so and so please contact me. A sad situation indeed.
When posting and registering your information be sure to
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[/INDENT][FONT=Arial]5. Contact [URL=""]Adoptees' Birthrights Committee in Louisiana[/URL] . ABC is a private, volunteer driven, charitable organization providing non-profit search and support assistance in Louisiana. Excellent resources and wonderful people at two locations! ABC can still help you if you are out-of-state, send them an email. DO IT!!![/FONT]