This year, is asking all of its users to write the senators in the following states asking them to do everything they can to find loving and permanent homes for children waiting for their forever families in the foster care system.
Washington State
New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota
South Carolina
West Virginia
New York
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
New Jersey
Children listed on photolistings stand a better chance at finding a home than non-listed children. is the largest online adoption resource on the internet and it only makes sense to include children from all of the above states, to afford them a better opportunity to find a home.
The photolisting is free for every state and all support is provided at no cost, so there is nothing for your state to lose.
If you are in one of the above states, we urge you to take part in this month long letter writing campaign encouraging the lawmakers in your state to do everything they can for the children waiting to find a home.
You do not need to be connected to adoption in order to participate simply copy the Sample Letter, found here: [url=]Sample Letter to Representatives For Waiting Child Photolisting at[/url]
Then visit [url=]Adoption Photolistings of Waiting Children in the US[/url] - scroll about half way down and click on the state that is not highlighted in purple. Once you֒ve done that, youll be taken to a page that lists all the contact information for the people in your state that can make this happen!
Please make a difference this November by writing a letter to your state regarding their participation in the Photolisting of Waiting Children.
Every child deserves a home!
I hope we're able to get a huge amount of people to participate! Regardless of your connection to adoption, your method of adoption or your opinion of the system - every child deserves a chance to find a family - placing children on the Photolisting is one way you can ensure that a child that may not otherwise find a home, has a chance.
Please help us this year by writing to your senators - we've provided the sample letter and all the contact info - all you have to do is format it to your needs and put it in the mail!
Bump - I sure would love to see hundreds of responses to this post from members who are writing letters!
I just sent off my first letter to the Governor of Massachusetts! Come on folks - all those who wrote letters when things got crazy in Guat - and those who were waiting ... now is the time - let's make sure all kids get a home. Now off to send other letters. Bumpedy bump
Ok, dumb question but I'm gonna ask anyway:
we're in KY: and b/c it's not listed that means they already participate in the photolisting, correct? Ok--but aren't the only children KY lists are special needs children? What about healthy children? Would it help at all to write and ask them to list ALL children? (I know KY is big on the SNAP campaign that's why I'm wondering)
I'm not sure about Kentucky persay, but most states that list waiting in the foster care system are going to be 'special needs". Doesn't mean they have what many consider special needs though. Usually any child over the age one/two is going to be considered harder to place and will therefore be called "special needs". There are going to be kids on photolistings that sw's consider harder to place than not, but that could be because they are a minority, part of a sibling group, older with "issues" etc.
It's a very broad term really.:)
Maybe I'm overlooking it on this site, but why doesn't this site just list the on-line link for each state's foster care photolisting or to the national foster care photolisting? Is there a reason that isn't an option?
I agree children stand a better chance of finding a home when they are part of a photolisting. In my state (Kansas) it's hard enough for the contractor to keep up with our own required state listing and the national listing. I noticed this site has only 2 children listed for Missouri, yet the national site has 128, and their own local site has even more.
If states choose not to have another site to be responsible for updating their information it would be handy for this site to provide a link to each state and/or the national site.
The national is adoption photolisting site.
I noticed Kansas is one of the states listed to contact.
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Thanks, Crick!! That makes more sense. I always thought KY kinda left kids out by listing the way they do. But sounds like their list includes a lot more than I thought. Great!!
Sent out my letter! GREAT idea! Adoptee PJ Pinelli
PS - also included my email signature line -:Every adoptee should be entitled to a document of non-identifying information (heritage, family medical history, etc) at time of relinquishment." MJM (birthname). We NEED open records in NY!
I am a frequent guest of and have found friends and support here. But I for one will not encourage my state to include their photolistings on this site.
I know that some of the states who choose not to list on do so because this site continues a policy of discrimination as it will not include photos of gay and lesbian couples who are wishing to adopt. Inclusion in you photolisting would be a violation of the constitution of my state which specifically prohibits such discrimination.
If truly wishes to advocate that all children find a loving home, it should open its photolisting to all loving homes who are seeking to welcome a child.
In Peace - CA