What is the difference between an adoption homestudy and a regular foster care license homestudy? Does your county perform this or does your Fosterchild's county? Our Foster son came from a different county.
In sunny FLA, all homestudies are done by the county where the prospective parents reside.
Adoption home studies are a subset of the Foster home studies. Essentially the adoption home studies cetner around personalities, histories, expectations and capabilities.
Foster care home studies add in a number of public safety (fire inspections, home fire saftey and preparedness), as well as child safety (locking medicine cabinets, refridgerators etc.)
The basic idea (my opinion) is that after adoption your bear all repsonsibility. With Foster care, however, the state retains some liability. Something to consider, if the state thinks these items are a good idea from a liability perspective, you might want to consider them as a safe practice matter.
Here is MD....(can't think of any cute catch phrases here) we are county to county too.
Hope that helps! Good luck!
The way it was explained to us is an adoption homestudy goes a little more indepth as far your experiences growing up, why you would want to adopt a child, what is your motivation for adopting from the system, is your family able to financially care for an adopted child independently etc etc. Our county did a combined license so we are licensed to do foster care but it also covers all the basis an adoptive homestudy would require.
The county you live in does the licensing. If you move and end up being in another county the complete homestudy process needs to be redone by THAT county. The county where a prospective adoptive child lives (if different than yours) will simply request your homestudy from the county you live in.
At least that's the way it's done where we live.
Here in Calif, the foster homestudy is done to determine if the home is safe and the adults in the home are clear of any criminal history. Not much more than that.
The state homestudy was more of a "family study". VERY VERY in-depth.
It is odd that the foster children who become adoptable are placed a in home without "matching"
But would anyone really think two government agency would really make sense?
We have already ben foster to adopt placement from the beginning before we even recived our fs. I thought it was odd when our case manager told us that now that we will be adopting him after TPR that we need to have an adoptive homestudy done??? When we had our home study done back in June, we had already ben adoption certified. Can you explain why we would need an adoptive homestudy then? Thanks.