Okay, been awhile since I've posted. We have 5 foster children. A sibling set of 3 that we've had the past 2 years, in the process of adopting (TPR still in works). We have a 'singlet' that we are also hoping to adopt, TPR hearing early Dec. We have the infant 1/2 brother of our sib set. He may or may not be staying in care much longer, could be a long drawn out deal for him.
My concern is that our FD's (singlet) bio mom is expecting another baby any day now. DCS is still waivering on whether or not they are going to remove. CW would love for us to have him if they remove. However, our small space concerns me. We'd have to get approval from our licensing agency, although the county is overtaking that process in Jan. One of the babies would have to sleep in our room. Our state allows us to have a child up to 12 months in the parent's room. Just wondering, do you think they'd grant us the exception to keep the siblings together? We'd be adopting the new babies, given the chance.
Obviously we don't plan on living in this small house forever....but can't move till we finalize the adoptions, as we are moving out of the area, possibly the state. If we move to one area in mind, we are looking at a 5 bedroom house with the possibility of converting the attic into 2 more bedrooms. We'll eventually have more than enough space...just not at this exact moment. Just had to see the sibling place otherwhere when we'd love to keep them together.
Generally speaking DHS prefers to keep siblings together. You SHOULD be the first ones contacted regarding the newborn. I say should because that isn't always the case. Make sure that EVERYONE (even the weekend emergency placement workers) knows that you want the baby placed with you.
I personally know of a family that had one older foster child (7 yrs), a toddler (B-1; 1 yr) and an infant. A sibling (B-2) to the toddler was born and the family made it very clearly known that they wanted the newborn placed with them. They have since adopted the little one that was an infant and are in the process of going through TPR on the 2 siblings and will more than likely be able to adopt them. The 7 yr old has since been moved. They now have the newborn sibling of B-1 and B-2 with them.
Good luck.
My caseworker has told me that since we have five kids ourselves and one foster son (in our state six is the max you can have) the only way they could get a waiver for us to have more was if our fs did have a sibling born that needed to be placed. I think that they will place the baby with you. Go clean your room!
Regardless of if they place the baby, room cleaning is on the list of to-do's this week. My husband is starting a new job next week, and finished w/ his old one. So this week I have big plans for him! Heck, most of the mess is his! He should help me with the overhaul!!
We'll keep waiting.....tonight is a visit, we'll see if she's had the baby or still pregnant.
In Michigan a child can share the same room as the parents until the age of three. As long as you have an approved crib and a place for it they shouldn't give you too much trouble. But I would make sure everyone knows you want the baby.
Good luck and keep us posted!!!