If a step parent adoption is uncontested, what happens at the hearing? What types of questions are asked?
I am required to bring my 9 year old to the hearing, but am concerned about him having to listen to "adult matters".
May not be uncontested, but keeping my fingers crossed!
For ours, they basically asked my son (14 at the time) if he WANTED to be adopted by my Husband? They asked me if I wanted my Husband to adopt him? They asked my Husband if he wanted to adopt (uh, duhhhh!)? They asked if there were any issues in the household that would prevent the adoption (uhhh, no!)? They were all no-brainer questions like that. They didn't go into history of the bio father or anything like that. They are pretty sensitive to the kids' feelings so I wouldn't worry too much.
I wish you the best! It was an awesome feeling!