We're thinking about adopting our second child internationally (we adopted domestically with our son). We're 25 & 26, and just have one child in our home, married 5 years..... So China and a few others are out.
Looking for recommendations on agencies & countries whom you've had good experiences with. Please PM me info if you can't post here..... Just beginning to look into this & I'm already overwhelmed!
Thank you!
Hello - My husband and I have decided that we would like to adopt from Colombia - I am 42 and he is 35 and we are hoping to adopt a sibling group of 2 or 3 in the under 6(maybe 7) age group. I would appreciate PM's with any suggestions or experiences that anyone would like to share with us regarding their adoption agency. We are most interested in Gladney or Bethany. Thanks for your help
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My husband and I have been talking about International adoption for a couple of years. We are now ready to start the process but there is so much information it is overwhelming. We are 37 and 34 years old and have been married 4 years. We have a 3 year old daughter. We are looking at Russian adoption right now. I was hoping to get some recommendations on agencies that I can trust. Please PM me if you can help us. Thank you so much.
I would love info on India too! I am new to the adoption process. Is the wait shorter for domestic adoption, but the price higher? What are the pros and cons of both? We just want a child and want to make sure that we will not be misled. The whole process is so overwhelming and confusing!
My husband and I are considering adopting from Latin America, and specifically Colombia. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about agencies. We've looked into CHI, CHSFS and Bethany. I would love to know if anyone has had any experience with any of these.
Hi. If you have worked with Children's House International or have any information on Morocco, please PM me!
I am not sure how to start my own post, so I am hoping I can piggy back off of this one. We are hoping to begin the process of an international adoption and are completely lost as to where to start! Could someone PM me some recommendations or ideas on agencies? There are so many and I am confused!!
We are also looking for agency recommendations, we are interested in South Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated? Thank you.
Korea is still a good option for young couples who are open to a child with special needs. Your five year marriage is perfect, one child already in the family is fine, 25 or over is perfect, etc. If you are physically and mentally healthy, meet the financial requirements, etc., you will do just fine.
You probably won't have much choice of agencies, as Korea accredits U.S. agencies to place NSN (no known special needs) children ONLY in the state(s) where they are licensed. (Most countries let you work with a licensed agency anywhere in the U.S.) You will have from 0-3 agencies in your state from which to choose, and each agency will be associated with one of four child welfare organizations in Korea. Some of the agencies may currently NOT be accepting applications, because they do not want to see long waiting lists develop. If you are open to children with mild to moderate special needs, there is a longer list of agencies that may be open to you.
The number of available young children has declined sharply in recent years, and the NSN program is likely to disappear in a year or two. The implications of this statement are: 1) that you should start now, and not wait too long, if you want to adopt from Korea; and d) that you may have a somewhat longer wait for a referral than in the past, but it is still very manageable. Be aware that, in order to ensure that boys and girls have an equal chance of being adopted, many Korea agencies do not allow gender selection, though this rule may not apply if you have another child in the home.
Korea's adoption system has long been considered excellent. The children receive good medical care, on the Western model. Their medical records tend to be fairly complete and accurate. Most of the kids are in foster care, rather than in large institutions, and many (though not all) of the foster families become very devoted to their foster children. Corruption and fraud are almost non-existent. Technically, you may either travel to bring your child home or request escort service, though some agencies now require travel so that families develop an appreciation for their hcildren's birth families. If travel is required or chosen, you can do a quick trip of less than a week, or take a bit longer to get to know your child's birth country. Your child travels to the U.S. under a decree of guardianship, and is actually adopted in the U.S.
In recent years, there are fewer young, sheltered, unmarried women placing babies in Korea. More of the women have been living on their own, have acquired Western habits, etc. As a result, there are more women who have used alcohol or drugs, or have smoked, during their pregnancies. Some cases of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders have been identified, usually after adoption, when the child is at or close to school age.
Another good country for young couples is Colombia. At your age, you should be able to adopt a very young, healthy baby, from either a government run program or from a private orphanage. Many of the children receive very good care. Colombia is Hague-compliant, meaning more paperwork, but less chance of corruption, unethical practices, etc. The main "negative" about Colombian adoption is that at least one parent will have to stay in-country for a fairly long time, while going through the adoption process; both parents will need to be present for the actual adoption hearing before a judge. In some parts of Colombia, there have been threats of violence against Americans, because of U.S. efforts to put the drug lords out of business, but if you follow State Department and agency recommendations with regard to your travel, you should have no trouble.
I prefer not to recommend agencies, except for the one I used for my China adoption. Do your homework thoroughly, check references carefully, and so on. The good news is that Korea tends to have affiliations with has some of the longest experienced, solid, and ethical agencies in the U.S. Colombia also tends to work with some of the older, more experienced, and more conservative agencies.
hi! u sound like me! i am 34 and hubby is 37 and we have a 4 yr old daughter. We want to adopt in Russia as well. I see your post was in 2011. Have you made any progress? i am very overwhelmed as well. Maybe you can help me!! lol
My husband and I are in the beginning stages of International Adoption and are seeking advice on agencies to work with. Please PM me if you can help us in our search. Thank you!
Did you get any replies regarding which agency to use?
I am totally lost and I dont want to commit to an agency before doing my home work
Thank You for helping / please PM me
Another one here looking for agency recommendations (and warnings). We are married 11 years, 3 biological kids, looking to adopt from somewhere in Africa.
Please PM me with any information you can pass along - I'd really appreciate it!
Does anyone have suggestions (or warnings) of adoption agencies working in Poland or Honduras? PM me. Thanks.