I saw that this forum was dedicated to adoption music and video, and so I wanted to share a song I wrote and recorded called "Waiting" that, specifically, conveys my feelings during this time of waiting to be connected to, and actually bring home our little girl. (My wife and I are "waiting" through the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia) I made the song available on our website,, for download for a small donation of $1.50. The response we have gotten from the adoption community, both "waiting" parents and parents who have their children home now has been wonderful. It seems the song captured the feelings of many more adoptive parents than myself. I've been a songwriter and musician for many years now, and it feels great that something I've written and recorded can serve a higher purpose.
We've been contacted by so many people who have been touched by the spirit and message of this song, I hope it connects to any of you as well.
Although this is a fundraiser for us, there is a preview of 30 seconds or so of the song there, as well as the full lyrics-- don't feel like you have to purchase the song, but do listen to the preview and read the lyrics-- I think they get at the feelings we all have while waiting.
Thank you.
Thomas Hicks