Troubled Kids? Can you relate?
As you all know, I am always in support of paying back the system. Someone once helped me get started in International adoption, so I have also helped people get started too. People have supported me during struggling times and I want to support others too. SOOOO
If any of these things relate to you or someone you know, I may be able to help you.....

Do you have a child or know someone with a child who.....
Is defiant, quick to anger, manipulative, charming with others but behaves badly with you, steals, lies, can't remember consequences, hyperactive, destructive, talks fast or alot, gets poor grades in school, hurries to finish first, poor quality of work, is a visual learner, fights with siblings or friends, immature for their age, gorges or hordes food, hides sweets/food in their room, attention seeker, problems sleeping at night, unorganized, impulsive, forgetful??????

Well a friend has told me about some people who are out there to help you.....
They have alot of information, therapists who work with this sort of thing in adopted children. They have resources for support groups, conferences nation wide, book resources etc.

PM me if you are interested in their contact information.

Just wanted to pass this along just in case someone could use it. :hug:
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