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I was born 3-17-48 Atlanta, GA May be a twin, that was told he is deceased.
I am looking for my sisters child born 1948 in Memphis.
If you think there is any connection
Do you know where you were born?
I am looking for a niece born 1948 or 47 in Memphis TN.
email me:
Still searching for any family named Sekulski My DOB is
5/20/48 Staten Island NY. Adopted out of NY foundling Hospital
There are about a dozen Sekulski's listed for NY .. if you
runa search thru [url][/url] Two are in staten island.
One is Lucille and the other TJ.
Any relation?
I have written to any and all Sekulski's, about 150 of them in the US. So far no one will claim me.
JUst thought I woud post again to see if anyone is looking for me as I changed my e mail from bejalis48@aol to
thanks for the reply
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I am a bmom ISO daughter born in 1948
My adopted sister was born in Long Beach, CA in Aug. 1948. Is ny of this information relevant? If so, please contact me here on the forums as roswell50 or email at