Adoptions from Liberia have grown over the last few years and with that, the need for a community here on has also grown.
This forum is for hopeful adoptive parents considering Liberia as well as those who have already created their forever family by adopting from Liberia.
Yeah!!!! I've been waiting for this for a long time! :) We have 2 kids from Liberia and I am so excited that more families are adopting Liberian children.
Anyone else here with Liberian kiddos (or in process?).
Glad to see you - haven't seen you in some time! How are the kiddos? I was so happy to read you'd brought them all home!
I hope you'll hang out here on the new Liberian Forum!
I haven't been here much lately - things have just been so busy - but I've been missing it so I thought I would try to come back every now and then. I'm really glad you've started something for Liberia. There are a few yahoo lists, but everyone gets really caught up in arguing about agencies and there is very little talk about the REAL stuff. I'll try to post there later and see if I can bring anyone back here with me. :)
Oh, and the kids are doing great! The adjustment has gone really well overall. A few challenges, of course, but really it is neat to see how God put this family together and how well the kids have adjusted. We are very thankful and are SO blessed!