Hello everyone,
We just found out a possible adoption with a girl in Maryland. My husband and I are in Michigan. We found out from family in Maryland about a girl who would like us to parent her child. The girl is 14 and the father is 16. From the limited information that we have right now the father and mother are on board and the mother of the girl is for sure on board. They want to do a private adoption. Does anyone know what the adoption process is in Maryland and does anyone have a good attorney in Maryland that they can recommend? We are tentatively excited about this and have plans to go down and meet the girl and her mother soon.
My husband and I have just started the process ourselves but this lawyer came highly recommended to us. His website does have some information about MD and the adoption process and he's supposed to be very good. We have our first meeting with him tomorrow. He's an adoptive parent himself and I'm told he writes legislation for birth and adoptive parents in DC.
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Good luck!!
Hi Jennifer,
We live in Maryland, but are adopting from out-of-state. We know quite a bit about the process in MD through an agency. We did explore private adoption for a while, after a situation was presented to us, but ended up not going with it. I would suggest going to the Families for Private Adoption website ( They are based in DC, but as you'll find, many people think of the VA/MD/DC area as a single entity, despite the differing laws and statutes. Someone I spoke with from the organization was very helpful in matters regarding private adoption in the tristate area. They can advise you about lawyers to use and the adoption laws in MD.
As for TPR in MD, that is the one thing that was not that appealing for us. From what we understand, a bmom can TPR right after delivery, but this is not irrevocable until 30 days after delivery. Such a long waiting period can be difficult, understandably, and I'm not sure how it would work with you living in Michigan.
Another thing I just thought of is that facilitators are not permitted by law to work within MD. I don't know if you found out about this adoption situation with the assistance of a facilitator or not, but that is something to keep in mind.
Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions - I'll be happy to help if I can. Good luck!