I need some help in thinking of tattoo designs. I want to get a tattoo that represents the adoption of our DS. I found one idea. Does anyone else have any other ideas besides the one below or a Quetzal?
[URL=""]adoption symbol tattoo - Rate My Ink - Tattoo Pictures & Designs[/URL]
I would love to get a tattoo of 2 quetzals in a yin-yang position representing my 2 sons. Of course that would only be if "#2" ever comes home. :eyebrows:
My dh has a tattoo of a heart and yellow roses with Katie in fancy script on his right arm. For Carlos he is going to get Stitch dressed as Elvis and hopefully holding a baby bottle with coffee, or the ace of hearts, since that is Carlos' initials, that is if we can ever find a good example. Carlos loves Stitch and acts alot like Stitch, his birth name was Elvis and he LOVES coffee. I love the ideas posted here, especially the birth dates in Mayan letters. I may have to mention that.
ME? I am a chicken and don't think I will ever get up the nerve to do it. I had a friend who had 3 children and so she had 3 lady bugs, one with wings down, one with wings slightly up and one ready to fly. I loved that, it was just so neat...but she had it on the top of her foot, it looked great, but OUCH.
My husband has the American Flag, Guatemalan Flag and South Korean flag interwoven to represent our three children. I got it for him for Christmas and it is really cool!
Okay - I don't have any tat's but I wanted to chime in and give my opinion! I have the book, "Guatemala ABC's" for my daughter and I thought the orchid might be nice. The nun orchid is the national flower. There are some orchids (out of the 600 varieties in the world) that grow only there.
Here are some other (probably silly) ideas:
Chicken Bus
Coffee Tree with the cherry like fruit
Guatemalan Flag
Whatever Nahual corresponds to your child's birthday
Rain Forest Animals
I got these all from the book. Good luck with whatever you decide.
This is the template I used for my tat of Quetzalcoatl, though with color, green, blue, red and orange. Again, I'm not a girly girl so 'pretty' tattoos aren't really my thing. I liked this one b/c the wings are out reminding me of the flight to get my kids. Oh, and Tish---it really not that bad to get a tattoo, as long as you don't do it in a bony place like your ankle, foot or along your spine- major ouch!
No tatoo here, but I found a beautiful Quetzal image on DKImages site. Just search Quetzal once there.
I am getting a portrait of our DD on my back left shoulder. I am waiting to hear back from LA Ink. I sent in a request for Kat VonD to do my tatt. She is awesome!
Ooh! My friend had Kat do his tattoo at the shop. IT IS AWESOME. I have never seen such an amazing tattoo. She is so talented. She is worth the wait! You won't be sorry.
I know this is an old thread, but I was very glad to see it. I have a tattoo of my zodiac sign, a small scorpion, on my right shoulderblade. I got it after I met my now DH, when I was in the Army, to surprise him for his bday. (I had wanted it for a long time, but meeting him gave me the push to get it.) Ever since then (10.5 years!) I've wanted another one.
If we adopt a baby, I wanted to get the baby's actual footprint(s) as a tattoo commemorating the adoption. But if we adopt a preschooler, I think the footprint may be a bit big and not as cute! LOL!
Thanks for all the great ideas!
I have seen 2 tattoos that I like, I don't currently have any and will not get one unless it's something I feel I won't regret.
I'm attaching 2 pictures of Quetzal tattoos one is more realistic and I really like it but I don't want anything that big. I'm curious if it would look as good in a much smaller version. The other has reallly pretty colors but I'm not in love with it.
I don't have a picture to post but I had someone design one for me but as of yet to chicken to get it done.
It is the Guatemalan flag and American flag with a small brown hand reaching out and being held by a lighter womens hand. It is suppose to show the greatest day of my life so far, the day I was able to hold my son forever. We were debating on were to put a heart and his b-day date and the date I first held him. If husband gets the same one it would have his hand on it.
This was the one I was going to get right over my ankle bone and going down the side, but it couldn't be done detailed enough in the size I wanted. The main part of the bird was going to be about 4", and I'm just not ready for a tattoo that large (this will be my first one).
I am having someone design one for me. I want the Guatemalan Flag fading into an American Flag and have Zach's name and date he was put in my arms forever.