March 5th 1956, fifty two years ago I was placed in the arms of my Aparents. That was the day my life began. No more propped bottled left cold and alone in an orphanage for 91 days to be "cared" for by cold hearted nuns. That day I recieved my very first hug and it was the very first time I had the joy of being wanted and feeling the closeness of a human being. Prior to being blessed with m aparents on that glorious March day, I had been rejected by my Bmom who didn't even knoe I was a girl until 4 days after my birth and left with nuns to meet my basic needs. I finally had a Mommy and Daddy who after numerous losses many prayers and 7 years of waiting for God to bless them with a baby,the day had arrived.
All my life I took pride in being adopted as did my Aparents. Long before the term "Gotcha day" was ever used my family celebrated "Our Special Day. Where our family would celebrate amog ourselves thanking God for making us a family. This tradition followed through when yeard later my abrother joined our family. I always like My Special Day more than my Birthday even though it wasn't celebrated in a way a birthday would be celebrated.
Now that I am older I still make a point of using this day to be close to my family and reflect and that God for blessing me with my Momma and Dad, the only ones I ever knew as Momma and Dad and the only ones I would have chosen if given the chance to.
Even though they are older and 82yr old Momma is in a nursing home, my 85yr old father and I will be there along with my abrother to celebrate 52 yrs of being a family.
Thank You God and Thank You Momma and Dad for DNA does not make a famly.
:thanks: Your Grateful Daughter Foerever
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That is beautiful. tears....snif, sniff,...tears.. Oh, God Bless you and your family. To your parents, you are everything, and you are so right, DNA does not make a family. Blessing you to and your family:)