babysitting: does your state pay for it?
does anybody know if the states pay for babysitting, say like you need to go out on a date with your hubby cuz all you have been doing is going out with the kids at CICI's pizza, Chuck e cheese, and need a break out??
Here in Iowa, they only pay for if you are working outside of your home. Whatever you want to do in you free time is at your own expense. If you need more than a few hour break, them you might want to look at having respite done.
Here in Fl, they pay for daycare but not like a regular babysitting service, it's all at your own expense.

In a previous thread, I discussed that you should befriend another foster parent and you guys can exchange babysitting service at no charge. You babysit all their kids for a couple of ours so that you can have a date night and do the same for them. I think 1-2x a month is sufficient.
In TX we are eligible for funds for daycare if we both work outside of the home.

Babysitting isn't considered a necessity.
In KY they pay for daycare if you both work FT, but not babysitting. I started another thread regarding respite might want to check it out. FYI-In our MAPP class we got everyone's name and number to buddy with for babysitting....
In my country (Romania), being a [url=]babysitter[/url] is legal and registered by the state, paid by the state. Certainly there are people who practice this profession in addition to their basic job and income thus obtained are not registered and taxed, but such cases are rare. My opinion is that this is a job whose entry into the legality is questionable.

Here in California, they don't even pay for daycare for working foster parents. I wish they did because daycare alone is going to cost me about $400 per month more than the fostercare payment.
Here in MO. We are allowed respite for a weekend at no cost to us. If we just want/need a babysitter for a few hours for a date night then we have to pay for it out of our pockets.

I also recommend Befriending another foster parent that you can trade off with..
In CA they used to have respite hours provided and paid by the state. In San Diego County anyway. But you don't have to have a licensed, probed, and fingerprinted person to babysit for a few hours. I think they call it 'prudent parenting' where they trust you to pick a decent person to watch the kids for a bit. In FL they do not pay for babysitting at all - except for day care when fp's are working. They do provide respite in 24 hr blocks. Where ever the fk spends the night - that is who gets the board funds for that day. But, in FL, the babysitter you pay for out of the child's board rate has to be a fingerprinted, approved person - in your home only. In Oregon, they do not provide respite at all - except for day care (I believe - but I don't work outside the home - so I wouldn't qualify anyhow - LOL) It all comes out of your boarding funds. And Oregon also practices prudent parenting rules with a few guidelines as to age (like I would leave 2 infants with a 10 year old - hahaa) and numer of consectutive hours and number of children allowed (the caregivers kids + foster kids cannot equal more than 7 or more than 2 under 2).

Many fp's are networking and getting to know each other via the Foster Parent Associations.

Good luck on your date. I is so very important to keep your marriage on track. When the kids go - it will still be there!
In AL they pay for daycare if you both work FT, and I believe you also get a weekend of respite every 6 months. I've not arranged respite through DHR though - I have a friend who does respite, and I just arrange it separately with her whenever we need a night off.
In some states if you are working outside the home then they will pay for it. if you are at home want a baby sitter then just hire a private experience baby sitter.
You could use your respite hours. I know most people think of respite when it's an overnight or vacation. However, when hubby and I had to attend 6 hr training, they found another licensed couple to do respite those hours and paid them. The sad thing is (for others doing hourly respite) it's only a buck and change an hr.
Here, any respite comes out of our reimbursement. We have not needed to use respite at this point.

For babysitting, I just assumed that is the type of thing the reimbursement is for.
blubutterflies03 said...
does anybody know if the states pay for babysitting, say like you need to go out on a date with your hubby cuz all you have been doing is going out with the kids at CICI's pizza, Chuck e cheese, and need a break out??

I've never heard of cps paying for babysitters for date nights. Most states/agencies have respite for when you need a break. I guess they expect you to use that. Maybe send the kids to respite for a weekend so you can take a break?
They pay for daycare, since we both work.

They do not pay for babysitting. We have hired a sitter to transport to visits, gotten her cleared. We pay her with some of the money from their board checks.

If we want a sitter for our own relaxation, I've used my mom, or other friends we have cleared with the agency. Or we can use their already cleared sitter, it just hasn't been necessary.
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