vishny volochek orphanage pics?
does anyone have them? id like to see where i lived when i was younger!
Sorry I wish I could help you, but my child hails from the Tver region.
From what I understand there are myriads of Yahoo adoption groups. You may want to try and click on groups and play around with the search engine. Most likely there will be a region for your area of birth. Perhaps someone else on this board who is more in the know will chime in and give you exactly the info. you need.
Amy K, NJ
My daughter is from another region so I looked on a site that lists the addresses of orphanages in Russia. It appears Vishny Volochek is located in the Tver Oblast/Region. There is a Yahoo group for this region. You might want to join that group and ask if anyone on that site has photos they can share. Best of luck!
I have some photos from inside the Vishney Volochek baby house (Baby House Solnyshko). Some are of the visiting room where parents meet the children and some are in the nursery and kitchen. I also have a video where I panned around the visiting room (it has a beautiful mural all around the room.) If you would like copies, please email me at and I'll be happy to send them to you.

The photos of the nursery and kitchen are also available on my blog at [url=]Russian Adoption Journey: July 2006[/url].

Unfortunately I don't have any exterior shots of the orphanage. It was raining each time I visited and I was unable to get any good shots.

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