Mother may have been from Newfoundland. My adoption was done privately due to clashing religions. I was born from a Christian mother and adopted privately by a Jewish family. I was told I was placed into a foster home for a short time prior to being adopted.
If this sounds familiar, please feel free to reach me..
I just found out yesterday that my mother died in 1986 at the age of 39 due to cancer. It was confirmed that she was from Newfoundland. I am now trying to search death records in Newfoundland but I am not sure if she died there. I know she did not die in Quebec where I was born but it could be anywhere so another haystack awaits!
It also doesn't help that Batshaw here in Quebec will not provide me with a name due to the laws here in Quebec..
- Mother was 24 when she gave birth to me
- She was Anglican
- She had 11 years of schooling behind her (high school)
- Originally from Newfoundland
I am trying to figure out where she died, if she died in Newfoundland or in Quebec where I was born but due to the non-disclosure law in Quebec I can't get a name.
If anyone has any 'inside' connections at the Royal Victoria in Montreal and feels like getting me a name I will be extremely grateful!