How long does it take Adoption Assistance To kick in..
After you signed the Adoption Placement Papers?

I have been fostering my children for two years. I signed APP papers on april 17th. I still have not received payment for April 18 to May through Adoption Assistance.

I just wanted to know is this a normal delay because they are just entering the system or should i call my Adoption Social Worker. We finalize May 20th. I just want to make sure that everything is taken care of. I live in Sacramento County.
Call. I don't remember there being a big gap from my last foster care check to the AAP check coming.
I am in GA and it took what seemed like forever. I think it was a coupl eof months and them all the back amounts due were paid at once. It ended up being 3 months worth at once and then it is paid for the month the first week of the month.
I would call my foster SW. We live in Tulare county and I received the AAP payment on time when we switched over. The AAP checks issue out on the first of the month. Usually how it was done was foster payments would end at the end of the month and they would start AAP the next month. AAP checks are issued out on the first for the upcomming month where foster payments are for the past month.
Congrats on your adoption.
I am also in Sacramento County and mine started right away. I would call.
Well I Guess I Should Give My Worker A Call. There Might Be An Issue. Thank You Everyone.
Call your adoption sw I adopted in April and I got the check the next month. It should not take that long.
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