Question for NJ adopters:
How long did it take to finalize after you filed and what county did you file in? We're hoping for TPR today and will be pushing to file for adoption directly following the appeal period. (Your prayers are welcome and appreciated!)
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My son became free in March. We are supposed to finalize next month. From what his SW says, you can file the day after the 45 day appeal period is over. She started gathering paperwork during the appeal period. I live in Burl co so it will be about 3 months total to the time of adoption.
BTW, you will need to be fingerprinted/backround checked again if you have not been in the past year. There is also a bunch of paperwork to fill out. Get your life book ready and all of your childs medical records.
I hope all goes smoothly for you.
Thanks for the feedback, msgypsylee. :) We're really lucky to have a great caseworker who has already completed our adoption packet--fingerprints and all--so we're indeed set to file 46 days after TPR. The mystery for me is the wait between filing and finalization. Here's to hoping it goes as quickly as yours.
Congrats and thanks again!
Congratulations on your adoption!
We live in Burlington County...and the adoption court case went quickly for our two kids.
With my son, it took about a little over month to get a court date. With my daughter, it took about 3 weeks. Judge Covert in Burlington was very sweet and took pictures with us. You can bring guest with you to the adoption. We were originally told only to bring one person with us because of the small office. But, we were in a court room so when we finalized our daughter, we brought all the grandparents with us.
We were also told that Camden County was quicker but our attorney disagreed and we filed in our home county.
Good Luck