[FONT="Arial Narrow"]My name is Jamie. I live in Idaho and I have a 16 1/2 month old lil girl whose dad only comes and goes when its convienent for him. He's seen her once since she was 3 months old. My fiance whose in the Marines wants to adopt her and I've already discussed it with her father the only promblem is that both my fiance and her dad live in california. I just moved to Idaho 3 weeks ago and I have no idea what I am suppose to do. I've heard in order for my fiance to adopt my daughter we have to be married for a certain period of time. That and I believe that her dad has to sign off his rights.. I have no way of contacting him but through and e-mail and he wont even respond to those. Can anyone help me? If so I'd really appriciate it.[/FONT]
You're correct.
You do have to be married, anywhere from six months to two years, depending on your states requirements.
He will need to sign off, in order for this to be as inexpensive as possible as well as easier.
Good luck!
So i'm not sure if I have to go to california where my daughter was born for all the adoption stuff or if I can do where i'm living here in Idaho.. I guess I need to look more into it I just dont know where to look.. One of my friends told me that a friend of her's was dating this guy who ended up adopting her kids even tho they weren't married.. I'm not sure what state they were in or even if the adoption needs to take place in the state they were born or if it can be where your currently living..
Your husband can adopt in the state in which he is a resident.
If he is an active duty Marine, that will be his Home of Record in his SRB.
Some states do allow active duty military folks to adopt in their state without residency. North Carolina is one, as we investigated it there when my husband (an active duty Marine at the time) was hoping to adopt my son.
Ok but what if we arent married though?
My fiance is going to be stationed in Florida for training for a year and I'm not sure how all of this is going to tie together.
I'm still not sure if we have to be married before he can adopt my daughter or if her dad can give up his rights and him adopt her after that.
It will depend on the laws in the state where he has HOR or where he is stationed.
If you're not living together, its likely not going to be possible. You'll need to wait until you've established your home together then start the process.