I have recently found out that I have 4 siblings out there somewhere..:grouphug:
Birth mom had a set of twins between 1953 an 1955. Maternal grandmom raised the fraternal twins.
Birthmom had 3 more children between 1960 and 1963, all given up for adoption.
Birth mother hid her 1963 prenancy, ME, from the birthfather(her husband). He was in the military in Georgia. Birth Dad left to return to a Large industrial town in the NorthEast 3 months before my birth. Birthmom and birthdad split. She was to marry another man in the spring / early summer after my birth, which she did.
She openly admitted to hiding her pregnancy with me until it became overly obvious in her 8 month. She left Georgia and delivered me in Jacksonville.
The man she married after my birth had no idea she had 3 children who had been adopted out.
So I may have far more than just the 5 siblings I know about...