These are my daughter's pacifier of choice - VERY important to her - and have been since she was a baby in Guatemala. We have been having problem's finding new ones, and I just discovered they have been discontinued. These are the NON-orthodontic, NON-Nuk Gerber latex pacifiers - each one is a combination of 2 different solid colors, like purple and pink or red and blue.
I am even seeing these on e-bay now for outrageous prices!
I do not want my daughter using these forever, but I want to stop when we are ready as a family, NOT be forced to go cold turkey by Gerber!
Does anyone know where to find these, or even better might you have some still in the packaging that your kids never used but you never got rid of? Please contact me if you can help!
I know nothing about pacifiers or the price of them, but I just found 6 of them for $14.99 with free shipping. Ebay # 170233485822 It seems like a good deal if they are the right one.
Good luck! My kids didn't use pacifiers but my oldest would only use the bottle nipples from the hospital NICU. Which had to be special ordered from the manufacturer. :arrow:
They sell these at Walmart ( I got some last month for a FD). and i think I have seen them at Dollar tree as well..
Wow, everyone is being so nice!! Thanks for helping us out!!! :)
Just a note if you do come across some that we are not looking for the newborn ones - they are considerably small then the ones Anabel uses and she won't take them.
There are an abundance of those here in about a forty mile radius in about 5 different stores. Babiesrus, walmart and Target.
I have seen those just about everywhere. I know I saw some at the supermarket the other day here in MA.. I usually find odd discontinued items in the supermarkets aisle believe it or not. I guess most people buy these things in regular stores.
Hi Saya,
Would they still sell them here in Canada? If so, I'll pick some up for you and ship them to you - just let me know.
Are these them - or are these different?
Soft Round Silicone Pacifier
Silicone Regular/Round Pacifiers combine softness and durability.
Moms like the clear, clean durability of silicone, and as mothers discover that fact, more and more of them prefer silicone pacifiers, too. Our set of two features durable plastic shields, clear handles and silicone nipples. Available in two colour combinations. Dishwasher safe.
015000781415 Soft Round Silicone Pacifier, 2 Pk.
these are the only ones my little man will use, too!
I just bought a pack at Walmart last week for $2.99. They are 2-tone, but the same design. Good luck!
Did you ever find the gerber soft center pacifer? I'm in desperate need to find some for my 16 month old son. He's right now crying hysterically in his crib for it. My heart is breaking. We tried the new ones, but he doesn't like them, they're not fat enough. I know other posts said you can find them at walmart and target, but not the "old" kind. Those are the newer ones. Help please! Let me know if you find them.
I totally understand! Ainsley would only take one pacifier made by Evenflo and it was also discontinued when she was 6 months. I bought a boatload of them from AmericaRx and ebay. Once she was done with pacifiers, I had a couple packages that were unopened, and I sold them on ebay. They were quite the hot commodity. I even sold some of the used ones that weren't too used.