Our son that just turned 11 months doesn't like his sippy cup any more. He'll drink about 3-4 ounces each time maybe, then either keep spitting it out or throw it on the floor. He's been drinking out of it fine for over a month. We tried the bottle the other day and he didn't want that either. I feel like it's a battle making him drink it. Any ideas what I should do? I know he still need a lot of formula and I feel like he's not going to gain any weight if he doesn't have as much as he should have. His eating has stayed the same with other foods. Thanks!
That sounds pretty typical. Clair-Elise just turned 1, and she is completely off formula now. I gradually switched her to cow's milk over the course of a few weeks (she was throwing her bottle on the floor too). At this stage, they are getting many more calories and nutrients from food than before, so whatever amount you can get him to drink is probably fine. In my DDs' case, she never really liked baby food either -- we just give her mashed-up versions of whatever we're eating, and she's happy. I'm sure it tastes better than formula too, and that probably has something to do with it.
Of couse if you are concerned, call your ped. But if he is eating well, he's probably fine.
Most babies are actually ready for regular milk by 11 months old; they don't recommend it in the US because smaller babies and some others can have problems. Internationally, they usually recommend formula until only 9 months. Unless your son is small or has specific digestive issues, I would try regular milk and see if that goes over any better.
You might also try giving him more servings of smaller amounts throughout the day. My DD came home at 12 months, and at the time, she would drink as little as one ounce at a time. It still takes her 1.5 hours to finish her 8-ounce sippy cup in the morning (she's 21 months old).
If he's teething, I've read that it can hurt to use sippy cups. Something about having to suck so hard. Maybe try straw cups?
Finally, you might try letting him drink out of a regular cup. Once upon a time, it was to be normal for kids his age to drink out of regular cups. And some kids like that better than drinking through a lid.
Good luck!
If he is getting most of his nutrition from regular table food then he doesn't need the formula any more and can go to cows milk.
On days that I know my girls aren't getting what they need, I supplement with the pediatric drink substitute. They love it because it's vanilla flavored and it gives them that little extra nutrition. They usually have it for breakfast when they are going to daycare and they don't have the time to lolligag in the highchair for an hour.
Check with your pediatrician, but if he's not drinking the formula and likes milk and is getting a variety of table foods, there shouldn't be a a problem getting rid of the formula.
I second the pediatric drink. My son has always rejected bottles, etc. Just to recently find out that he has a problem - he doesn't suck!! He never learned that reflex and will have to when he's older. It just pours down his throat and he aspirates alot of it, which means we are undergoing a lot of medical tests right now.
THAT BEING SAID... that is completely irrelevant, and your child obviously doesn't have any medical issues, but I wanted to point out that I had the "won't drink formula blues since day 1" - been there, done that since he was 8 months old.
1. Again, the pediatric drink - 2 or 3 oz mixed with the formula... it is quite yummy and he may love it! It's kinda pricey though - get the generic kind. It tastes just as good as the pediasure.
2. You can try cow milk now - IF 1. Your son is not underweight or "failure to thrive". If he is, he probably needs the extra protein in formula right now. If not, then unless your son has digestive problems or is lactose intolerant, you can try milk now. Whole milk. Call your ped to be sure, but 11 months is fine to switch to milk, especially if children are rejecting the formula. At 11 months, they are very close to a year and will be able to tolerate milk fine. Expect sloppy diapers for a day or two, but after that, if you still get the sloppies, call the doctor because there may be some intolerance going on or something else... This might sound controversial, but if your son doesn't like the milk either, you CAN mix in a little choco or strawberry syrup - enough to give a hint of flavor, not make strawberry/chocolate milk... this is fine.
3. If none of the above sound good to you, then rest assured, he will be fine without "drinking it". Some sneaky things I did was mix a few scoops of the formula into the tastier food. It thickened it a little, but he never noticed. I also fed him cereal with the formula mixed in and mixed the formula with juice. This way he got the nutrients from the formula. He never got dehydrated because baby food is sooo full of water. If your son is on table food, then try to get some liquidy stuff into the diet so you can make sure he's getting the equivalent of 20-30 ounces of water/fluid per day.
4. Lastly, another thing I did because he did (and still does) need the extra protein from formula (which he won't drink), I tried to give him at least one jar of baby food "meat" (the small jars of Gerber Ham, Chicken, Turkey) each day. That has 8 grams of protein and will really give him what he needs.
Like I mentioned above, as long as your son is physically (weight, height and head circ) on track - your son doesn't *really* need the nutrients in formula anymore... he'll get all he needs from baby food, table food, milk, etc.
I spent alot of time depressed over this and worried and stressed and eventually very frustrated that my child would not take formula. But at 12.5 months, he is just fine and he never did get as much formula as he needed.
Good luck!