I was blessed to find someone who emailed me many of the necessary forms for completing our own step parent adoption in Texas. As a Thank You to that person and to help others I am attaching the files sent to me so other's may access them on the forum. God Bless. D
Hey guys, any help would be appreciated. My wife and I are currently going through the stepparent adoption process in Harris County. I am adopting 'our' 7 year old son. We are using Lynda Burke Bentley, and so far have spent $20,000 (as of today) for an uncontested/problem free adoption that started in June of this year. With this in mind, we're thinking about dropping them as I feel we're being outrageously overcharged with minimal results. We're nervous that we NEED the lawyer to make sure this goes smoothly and correctly, but from the comments it seems this fear is worthless as some of you have succeeded without one and for 1% of my cost.. Can anyone help so we can put this money towards a college education instead of a house payment for an attorney? Feel free to email me at lyono1122 at g mail dot com. Thanks!!!
Good Morning. If anyone still has a link to these forms, could you please share as I am having a hard time finding them.
Am I missing a link somewhere for the forms or attachments? I cant find the forms in the original post and replies. Thank you!
I realize this is an old thread, but I'm trying to get the forms for doing a step-parent adoption in Montgomery County, Texas. It is an area just north of Houston. My wife has sole rights to the child since the biological father signed away his rights shortly after he was born. Please send them to
I looked a little on the Montgomery County website and they said:
The Court does not provide adoption forms. Adoption can be a complex legal matter, and you may need an experienced attorney to handle your petition for adoption. For referrals and information about lawyers who handle adoptions, please contact the Montgomery County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at 301-279-9100. Should you qualify under their income guidelines, they may be able to refer you to an attorney to work for a reduced fee.
So maybe one of the lawyers there could help you find the paperwork? I also included the link to where I found this. If you end up finding the forms, be sure to let us know how you did it! Good luck!
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I have been searching for the TX Stepparent forms for what seems like forever! Could you please send them to me at
May I possibly get a copy of the forms please? If so, please add me and I will send my e-mail via private message. Thank you in advance.
I cannot seem to see the link for the adoption forms. Can you please email them to me?
Thank you so much in advance.
Hi y’all. I know this is old. Hopefully someone sees this and can email it to me.
Thanks in advance!
Mr. Matt
Can you help me I need forms and husband and I want to him to adoption my daughter?? I need forms. thank you