OK- I'm getting ready to "take on town hall," as the phrase goes, but I need some help....
Any foster parent or pre-adoptive foster parent in Massachusetts who believes that their foster child received less-than-stellar representation from a court-appointed attorney, please PM me.
I am particularly interested in situations where the case went to TPR, dragged on for months or years, or there was a conflict between what the attorney advocated and what you believe was in the best interest of the child.
As briefly as possible, let me know what your situation was and the particular concerns about the attorney, as well as any efforts you made to complain about the attorney. And let me know how I can reach you to follow up.
There seems to be a hint of interest in the MA state legislature to look at legal representation for children in foster care. We had a hellish experience, but I need to gather information to show that we weren't the only ones.
Don't worry - I'll respect confidentiality and won't share your stories without your permission.
And, just to clarify, I'm looking for people who have been foster parents or adopted their children through the foster care system in Massachusetts.