Lori, there are a lot of guesses out there but the truth is that really we have NO idea. Anyone that says otherwise, from my opinion, is not being realistic.
we have a mtg with some Guat. Attorneys at the end of Aug. I will ask them their thoughts about this and post when I return. Their company begins with A and ends with G.
I know that our agency ( a large one in TX) is in Guat now for meetings. I will post when/if she has any NEW news.
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The violations of our rules has become far to excessive in recent days.
There are a handful of us pursuing adoptions, but only as cases that were not grandfathered for whatever reason. So altho they may appear to be 'new' cases, we/they are not; actually are from '07 (or before) and just were not grandfathered in.
As for when (completely new) cases will begin, no one knows for sure. There are meetings taking place now with powers that be on both sides trying to work things out; but no one knows anything right now.
Sorry this isn't more positive, but it's the state of things for now