Hello. We live in Virginia and are hoping to adopt domestic. We have started researching agencies in our area and are leaning towards the Barker Foundation. We plan on contacting them further and to attend one of their monthly information sessions, but would also like to know if anyone on here has adopted through this agency. If so, can you please pm or email me your experience with the Barker Foundation (good or bad). We would greatly appreciate it!!
We are also leaning toward the Barker Foundation. Did you go with them? Did you get any helpful feedback by PM? If so, I'd love to hear about it and your experience so far.
I would also love any feedback on Barker. We've gone to an information session and leaning toward them, too.
Hi! Did anyone here end up using Barker and if so, what was your experience? If not, who did you use? We're trying to decide now...thanks!
Hi... I live in Virginia and I looking for an agency for domestic infant adoption. Did any of you end up using Baker Foundation ? If so, how was your experience and cost involved ? If you used any other agency , appreciate if you can share your experience.