Adopted Maori from Aotearoa, New Zealand
Kia Ora,

I am interested in being in touch with those indigenous persons who had been adopted out and many to those of another race. Many of our Maori were adopted to european families.

Keen to know the support networks for indigenous adopted persons in other Countries. Do you have a national support group and how did you go about forming one.

We in NZ are keen to start one and network with those others around the world.

Are there other Maori registered on the website?

naaku noaa naa Kararaina, Carol Beckett
Hello Carol,

Ems here. And i am a ngati kahungunu adopted maori into a euro family in chch.
Just found my birth family & discovered my tribe.
Kia Kaha Wahine
Kia Ora
Glad to hear from you. Do you live in NZ if so do you want to join the group? On bebo and Facebook. "Ngaa Atawhai Ngaa Mana Motuhake" on facebook and "Lost through adoption" on bebo. naa Kararaina Smile
Kia ora Carol,

That's a great idea of starting a support group. I am a daughter of a Māori adoptee who was raised by Pākehā parents. My mother unfortunately has been unable to obtain her birth fathers info, he is Māori. I am currently doing a MA thesis on the formation of Māori adoptees identity and I'm wondering if perhaps you and maybe others could be interested in being part of my research.

I look forward to a reply.

Nāku noa, nā

Erica Newman
great to see some other kiwis on board here. This has been a fantatic site for me to help heal and help others.
Seeking Maori Adoptees of Closed-Stranger Transracial Adoptions
Kia ora,
I am currently conducting research exploring how Māori adoptees perceive their cultural identity and perceive Māori identity. I am seeking people of Māori racial descent born between 1955-1979 who were legally adopted at birth in a closed-stranger adoption by non-Māori and raised without contact with their birth family, iwi or hāpū. If you fit this category and you are willing to share your perceptions and experiences, then I would like to hear from you. Please send me an email and I will let you know what this research involves. Many thanks - Emma West -
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