Has anyone purchased a Thomas the Train "Toddler" costume. It's listed as fitting "up to size 6" on some sites and sizes 4-6 on others. I'm wondering if it's totally too big for my 3T buddy.
If you've purchased it, can you review the size please?
Jenna, not this PARTICULAR one, but my limited experience is that costumes generally run kind of small so you hopefully will be OK.
You may want to check Ebay too...a lot of times people will say whether the item runs "small" or "large."
I love Thomas (I am a big George Carlin fan)! Good luck!
Jenna - is it the sandwich board costume, or the actual train that the kids step into (held up by suspenders?)
If it's the suspender one, JD wore it when he was 2, and still fits into it at 4 1/2 so it's fine... JD LOVED it, and still does!
I guess this link may help you in your search for right size toddler costumes:
[url=]Baby, Infant & Toddler Costume | Halloween Costume Sale - Kids Costumes[/url]