Haven't found anything, but am retiring from searching for now. If you think we're a match, please feel free to contact me.
11 years later... I know now who the BM & BF were.
One of the BM/BF's is long-dead, and the other didn't want contact.
Adoption registries were of zero help.
Forums were of zero help.
GARR (Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry) was of near-zero help after 2 years of attempting to get non-ID info from them.
I used home DNA tests to unravel the mystery. Thankfully, some more distant relatives/DNA matches were amazing in providing me info. I'm indebted to this person, whose privacy I'm trying to give, but this person helped me figure out who the BM/BF were and even shared photos of that person.
After 18 years of searching or more, I have my answers. No relationship with a BM/BF to be had/possible, but I have my answers and photos. And a few new very kind more distant genetic relatives to be able to e-mail/message also.