Born in one state, but the adoption MIGHT have been finalized in another nearby state. Is GARR still an option in this case?
I sent a request for non-ID info to GARR OVER A YEAR AGO (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Received no communication, but figured it could have been due to mail problems.
E-mailed GARR, October 2008. No response.
E-mailed two people at GARR, March 2008. They responded saying "sorry for the lack of communication. [Name] will look up your file and get back to you today or tommorrow." I thanked them, and said that I looked foraward to the response.
Waited. Waited some more. E-mailed in April asking if there were any results, and if a birth certficate would help. GARR said birth certificate would help, and [insert name] would order one if she had not already.
April 28: E-mailed asking them to please order the birth certificate if they had not, as I could not find my copy. They e-mailed back saying "please order one."
Well over a year later, and I have NOTHING. NOTHING. You have no idea how frustrated I am.
If someone (adoptee) has been waiting OVER A YEAR for their non-ID info, they should order a birth certificate themselves and try to find my fin file! I'm so close to giving up on them and saying screw it to the entire process. This is FAR too long to wait for basic NON-ID info... which would likely be pointless and lead to me finding NOTHING anyway.
(No, I did not do their $300 paid search service. I paid for non-ID info, and am still waiting.)
Anyone considering GARR.... I would suggest skipping them altogether.
In 2007 and 2008, they took over a year to reply to my requests and messages to them. Then they lost my original non-identifying info altogether. After 2 YEARS of trying to get some non-ID info from them, they had lost my info, so they finally offered to contact the BM to interview her to request non-ID info. She gave no useful info and zero info on the BF.
All in all, I was hugely disappointed in GARR, to say the absolute least.
The excessive delays in response from GARR after I contacted them multiple times (phone, e-mai, mail, fax) (2 years to get actual non-ID info... then they had lost my non-ID info/file altogether... then they had to interview the BM).
Ultimately, I gave up on GARR.... and I highly suggest you skip them altogether.
I used home DNA tests to figure out my mystery.