How to get Birth Certificate
I am trying to get a birth certificate for my state, Michigan. When I go to on-line forms it looks like they will go back to Russia to get it. This doesn't seem right. I thought they would transfer the BC I have. Does any one know how to do this?

My kids are from Guatemala, but I would think the process would be the same. What county are you in? If you are in Wayne, I can give you the court contact info. What you are trying to do is get a Delayed Registration of Foreign Birth.
I live in Michigan - was born in Mt Pleasant. I ordered some from the state (see below) - however it was a slow process and my homestudy was moving very quick. I happened to be in Mt Pleasant during the process and picked up 3 copies from them - and of course the ones from the state came 2 days later!

So if you can't get to the courthouse/county building where you were born - here's what I found online:

How to Obtain Michigan Birth Certificates
Birth, death and marriage records have been registered on a state level since 1867. Marriages prior to that time may be found at the county level. For birth and death records after January 1867, and for marriages after April 1867, write:

Vital Records
3423 North Martin Luther King Boulevard
P.O. Box 30195
Lansing, MI 48909

State office has records of births and deaths that occurred and were filed with the state since 1867. Some of the records (especially pre-1906 births and pre-1897 deaths) were not filed with the state.

Personal check or money order should be made payable to State of Michigan. Cost for copy is $15.00. Additional copies of the same record, ordered at the same time are $5.00 each. To verify current fees, the telephone number is (517) 335-8656. This will be a recorded message. Information on how to obtain certified copies is also available via the internet at: [url=]Health Statistics and Vital Records[/url]

Copies of records may also be obtained from the County Clerk in county where even occurred. Fees vary from county to county. Records of Detroit births occurring since 1893 and deaths since 1897 may be obtained from the city of Detroit Health Department.

Hope that helps!
Ok, when I first read your post, I assumed you wanted to get a Michigan BC for your child adopted from Russia. Now after seeing the second response I am wondering if you are from Russia and want to get a Michigan BC for yourself?
Let us know what exactly you need to do and I am sure we can figure it out. Smile
Some states require readoption before a state birth certificate can be issued to an internationally adopted child, but others do not. You can find out the requirements by contacting your state's Vital Records office.

If your state requires readoption before a birth certificate is issued, your attorney may handle sending the final decree to the Vital Records office as soon as it's issued. Otherwise, you will do it yourself, providing the foreign and state adoption decrees and the foreign birth certificate.

If your state does not require readoption, you will simply need to provide proof of the overseas birth of your adopted child, and of your valid adoption. Again, Vital Records can advise you.

Do remember that, if your child's American name does not appear on his/her adoption paperwork, you will need to do a legal change of name to get it on a state birth certificate. Most adoptive parents do legal changes of name as part of the readoption process. The lawyer simply advises the judge to include in the order a statement to the effect that "the child formerly known as Zeng Chufang is now to be known as Rebecca Joy Chufang K.....n." However, all states have a legal change of name process that can be used by anyone, adopted or not; you may want to check into the process in your state if you do not have to readopt and do not choose to readopt.

I can't get an Illinois BC for the kiddos unless I readopt them here. Not sure about Michigan but thats the status here.
Michigan does not have any provisions for readoption. We went through our county court to change our children's first names, and as part of that process their Michigan Delayed Registration of Foreign Birth was requested from Vital Records in their new name. We received their new BC's a couple weeks later.

I found Michigan Vital Records to be no help at all. They just told me that I had to go through my county court. Honestly, I would start there.
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